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2/23/13 2:55 P

Is it an Xbox 360 or the first Xbox? The Kinect will work with the Xbox 360 but not sure about the original Xbox. If yours is compatible wtih Kinect, then the dancing games like Dance Central and Just Dance are really fun. Time flies, and before you know it you've been moving around for an hour or more. For the pure fitness games that I've tried I like the Your Shape and the Biggest Loser ones. The EA sports one gives me video game rage because you wear a monitor that comes with the game, that keeps dropping its signal and the game thinks you aren't working hard, so you get low scores. lol

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2/23/13 10:56 A

The best exercise accessory is the Kinect. It's about a hundred bucks, I think?

You can get recommendations for games and such on the Kinect to Fitness team here:

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2/23/13 9:37 A

My son has an Xbox collecting dust in my basement. What "games" and accessories do I need to use it myself for exercise?

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