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Something you might want to consider too, is setting up your Fitness Tracker so you count the steps you take in a day. You'd need a pedometer for this; you can get one at Walmart for maybe 15 bucks. There is various info on the web (and probably here on Spark too-- I don't remember) on using step count as a measure of activity level.

Since you count all your steps, whether you're shopping or on the treadmill or just moving around the house, it isn't necessarily "cardio". BUT it is a reflection of activity level. Around 3000 is considered "sedentary". And somewhere around 7000 is "light activity", 10,000 is "active", and over 12,500 is "very active".

So even with a heart condition, if you've been told it's okay to move as much as possible-- you could wear the pedometer for a few days, just to get an idea of how much you normally move around in a day, and then try to increase the number of steps each week by 100 per day or 250 per day or whatever.

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Sparkpeople already accounts for those activities. It multiplies your BMR by a daily living activity multiplier when figuring your calorie range. Walking while shopping, light housework, all of that is already counted in you calorie burn.

Cardiovascular exercise (that improves your heart's health) is generally considered something that elevates your heart rate into the cardio range for at least 10 minutes.

It sounds to me like you've already got a pretty good cardio program; I don't see any benefit to counting extra activities right now. One thing you should strongly consider is adding a strength training program. Ask your doctor for a referral to a physical therapist who can provide more guidance on your heart condition and exercise, and can design a good full-body strength program to help overall.

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I do Aquafit on my own about 4x/week for 70 mins at a time - this is a series of stretching exercises as well as some swimming exercises but not overly strenuous. I walk on my treadmill most days for 10 min. stretches - this is at a very slow pace. When listing calories burned doing things, if you are disabled and can do little that requires effort (bad heart), is it fair to count those burned while doing light housework, light gardening, walking while shopping, writing/reading/painting/working on a computer while sitting,etc. for eg. When I ask my nurse practitioner she says any that gets me moving no matter the speed and if I ask a Dr. what I can do with this heart condition, I'm told whatever you are comfortable with/can handle. Not a very helpful answer.

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