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10/24/13 12:05 A

MANGAN64: In my opinion, since this was not typical and you were definitely "extra" active, you should, at a minimum, give yourself credit for the same exercising/calorie burn you give yourself credit for when you walk during a work break. If for example, you can get in a 30-minute walk at work break, then give yourself credit for having done that much. I frankly think people often underestimate how many calories they burn at physical-type jobs.

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10/23/13 5:14 P

thanks for reply no we were short staffed today it only happens now and then

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10/23/13 5:02 P

That counts as activity. Exercise involves an elevated heart rate (cardio zone) for at least 10 minutes. If you are regularly this busy at work, you may want to consider changing your activity level under your Account Settings. Otherwise, unless you're hungry... just consider any extra calories burned to be bonus cals toward weight loss.

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10/23/13 4:10 P

Hi just want to know i had very long shift at work today work in a busy supermarket didn't get time to go for proper walk but i was on my feet constantly on the move for 11 hrs does this count at all

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