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AYAMMAYA Posts: 2,155
1/15/10 12:35 A

spark goodies

70CUDA Posts: 93
1/14/10 11:55 P


DELRIO1 Posts: 6,441
1/14/10 7:29 P

Use 'em to challenge yourself to become more educated and involved in the Spark program and to show your daily, weekly, etc. progression.

MICHZS Posts: 759
1/14/10 7:09 P

me too!! Thanks

EDELWEISS33 Posts: 2,019
1/14/10 5:46 P

I like video games. points work for me.I didn't know you could get virtual "stuff" for it. cool!

MOM210 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (864)
Posts: 612
1/14/10 5:35 P

I like the point system, too. I find it very motivating. I saw today where you can buy virtual hot chocolate and virtual exercise balls, etc. The site can be very overwhelming I agree, but in a great way! There's just so much to do. I just keep going back to the points page to see what else I should be doing.

NWFL59 Posts: 6,141
1/14/10 1:44 P

I use them to 'buy' SparkGoodies for myself and to give others I find inspiring

THIRTEENOCLOCK SparkPoints: (8,944)
Fitness Minutes: (3,071)
Posts: 33
1/14/10 11:39 A

I agree that the point system is a really good tool for keeping up motivation. I know I'm not going to get "stuff" or money for earned points, but there's something about adding to a total in general that makes me want to keep going. Not only that, but this site can be VERY overwhelming for a newbie...hanging out around the Sparkpoints page and completing the various point chances are really helping me to find my way around the site. Thanks to that, this site is not so scary anymore. ;)

My new problem is finding time for everything! There are SO many ways to add points (in other words, so many things on this site to post to, track, etc.) that I am finding it hard to get off the computer to get the exercise done! Hopefully with practice I'll become faster when I input my foods, input my exercises, add my 2 cents on message boards, etc. emoticon

TARALYN13 Posts: 9
1/12/10 10:50 P

Motivation--it's like when you were in grade school and the teacher gave you gold stars for doing good work and trying hard. In clinical terms, it's simple positive reinforcement which is the most effect form of behavior modification. That's what we're here for, right?

THEMANSLAYER SparkPoints: (26,582)
Fitness Minutes: (20,028)
Posts: 1,434
1/12/10 9:15 P

Giving goodies and getting trophies.

LOGOULD SparkPoints: (110,455)
Fitness Minutes: (63,817)
Posts: 4,494
1/12/10 9:04 P

The points really help to keep me doing the things I need to do to stay educated, informed and doing the right things to lose weight....I think I may get too obsesseed with points though. Staying u later than I should to try to get the maximum number of points.

EMILYJEN SparkPoints: (35,651)
Fitness Minutes: (17,392)
Posts: 304
1/11/10 5:00 P

Yup - and it shows you your progress. I was only getting a few points at first but now that I've improved my habits, I get more points! I aim to get 50 points a day but YMMV!

Good luck!

CONNIE1-11 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30,160)
Posts: 5,035
1/9/10 11:39 A

i guess its just motivational

MNLEONA Posts: 12,167
1/9/10 6:43 A

I have started giving "goodies" to people who write a blog I like and who need some encouragement.

JENNMOM24 Posts: 15
1/7/10 8:48 P

I was wondering the same thing! Thanks for asking!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/6/10 9:48 P

Here's a link to all the info -

Coach Tanya

MSCHMIDTRO SparkPoints: (17,123)
Fitness Minutes: (22,257)
Posts: 522
1/6/10 8:27 P

I need to check out how to give goodies with points

LAURABELIEVES SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,172)
Posts: 679
1/6/10 9:46 A

They are a game with yourself with real results because they make you stay focused on what is important. Learning new things through articles, message boards, blogs, etc.

Have fun with them!

CAJUNGANNY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,083)
Posts: 492
1/5/10 9:28 P

So glad you asked also. I do like seeing the points add up. I find it is making me read the articles, read emails, track my program, etc. It is a great motivator for me.

REACHBRENDA_2 Posts: 1,031
1/5/10 1:57 P

I am glad you asked. I didn't know either. I have just been going through everything to get them and I am learning alot. So if that is the main focus of the points. It's working.

VTDANI Posts: 50
1/5/10 1:50 P

i use them to give goodies to people!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/5/10 10:23 A

SparkPeople believes that there are many useful ways to measure the success of your program. One of these is SparkPoints. SparkPoints are a tool for personal motivation and encourage you to use all of the tools and features the site has available. There are individual and SparkTeam leaderboards that many members use for friendly competition. SparkPoints cannot be redeemed for actual prizes or awards, but there are sometimes prizes you can win daily on the SparkPoints Wheel. SparkPoints can be used to purchase SparkGoodies, which are virtual gifts you can give yourself or other SparkPeople members.

Coach Tanya

JENNYMC7 Posts: 532
1/5/10 10:06 A

I try and collect them each day, but do not know what they are used for either. Motivation, I guess and trophies.

DWROBERGE Posts: 348,466
1/5/10 1:02 A

I use them for personal satisfction of having done some things right in my quest to lose weight and stay healthy.

Edited by: DWROBERGE at: 1/5/2010 (01:02)
1/5/10 12:47 A

can you use spark points for anything or do they just make you look good?

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