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7/30/14 2:58 P

As a Type A, naturally stressful person, it relaxes me unlike anything I've else I've ever done. Working out in general helps keep me stabilized, but yoga is really soothing to me and I like the benefit of working on my flexibility to balance out everything else I do.

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7/29/14 3:56 P

For me, too numerous to mention in aiding my body, mind & spirit get through life.


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7/29/14 1:51 P

I don't have any scientific/medical proof...but personally I find adding some yoga stretches after my daily workout helps keep me flexible & my muscles stretched & lengthened.

I also found, with my herniated disc in my back 2 years ago, that there are some yoga stretches that were really BAD for me--and my surgeon told me never to do them again! (Again, just my personal experience...not judging, instructing, or telling anyone to do or not do!)

Yoga has never been "enough" for me as far as exercise goes...I still need my treadmill, my exercise bike, my hand weights. Yoga can add some nice stretching for me, but that's about it. :)

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7/29/14 8:39 A

sounds all very good, thank you

7/28/14 10:09 A

This is my personal experience with yoga, not real data, just my opinion. Because of a regular (2x a week) practice I am more flexible and have more body awareness. These both help in my fitness goals. Depending on the type of yoga that you can do it can either be very relaxing, can help you rehab an injury, or be a seriously difficult workout. I don't work on mediation in my yoga practice.

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7/26/14 4:30 P

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In layman's terms, yoga isn't just about being more flexible. A person who practices yoga can also increase their strength, endurance, stamina, balance and coordination. Studies have shown that meditation (learned in yoga) can reduce a person's blood pressure as well as stress.

Also, increasing our flexibility will decrease our risk for injury. Because a tight muscle is prone to injury.


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7/26/14 12:29 P

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7/26/14 12:07 P

quite a lot has been written on yoga, however, besides being a healthy exercise what exactly are the proven benefits from yoga?

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