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GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (189,917)
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Posts: 2,243
8/26/14 1:08 P

My little "Dressing On-The-Go" squeeze bottle!

It holds salad dressings, fat-free sour cream, etc...I can fill it, stuff it in my purse, and use it in restaurants so I don't have to feel guilty about high-fat dressings & condiments. :)

SERVAL3 SparkPoints: (71,421)
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Posts: 44
8/26/14 12:46 P

Almond milk
Rice chips w/sea salt
Fage greek yogurt
getting back out in my garden

ELENGIL Posts: 957
8/26/14 12:05 P

Parsnips, whole raw milk, quinoa, tilapia, and daily walks.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
8/26/14 11:07 A

EggBeaters. Great for the protein with fewer calories. But best of all, for me: wonderful for cooking. Anything I use it for ends up with a fluffier texture, a lighter feel, and it doesn't change the basic flavors.

FLPALM Posts: 4,597
8/26/14 10:50 A

Flatout Bread 90 or 100 calories, and it makes a great LARGE WRAP! Throw in lettuce, tomato, chicken, or any protein (like egg salad, tuna, or white fish) and create a great meal.

KDSTAP Posts: 664
8/26/14 10:28 A

PB2 ! It's a game changer!

CHARITYAK SparkPoints: (21,976)
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Posts: 771
8/26/14 10:26 A

Almond milk
protein powder
raw almonds
Muscle Milk 100 calorie drink
Powdered green supplement
frozen blueberries (for smoothies)
chia seeds (protein and filler)

SLICKEM05 Posts: 249
8/26/14 10:24 A

I love EAS chocolate protein powder with Silk almond milk enriched with fiber and protein. I throw in 3 cups of frozen baby spinach. You can not taste the spinach. It tastes just like a CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE.. I holds me until dinner and I love the taste! It is a TREAT.

BADJUJU2 SparkPoints: (1,464)
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Posts: 3
8/26/14 10:20 A

I don't want to give up sandwiches, and eat only salads when I diet because it's not a good long term solution for me. So I make my own bread (know exactly what's in it) and slice it really thin! You can do the same thing without making your own by buying un sliced. Look at the lower calorie breads that cost twice as much and you will notice the biggest difference is the size of the portion!

ACHANSO Posts: 1,073
8/26/14 9:44 A

The Smartfoods popcorn is really good, especially cheddar cheese flavor.
Minimal calories for when you want to snack.

8/26/14 9:38 A

Mango-yogurt bites, 80 calories(dole)

K80DALY Posts: 439
8/26/14 9:08 A

Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars - especially the peanut butter cup flavor. They feel indulgent for only 130 calories! The mint chocolate chips are excellent, too, and only 100 calories! I eat dessert every day of the week and I can have one of these without any guilt.

WALLINMW SparkPoints: (300,356)
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Posts: 8,991
8/26/14 8:42 A

Nature Valley Protein Bar

WALLINMW SparkPoints: (300,356)
Fitness Minutes: (183,658)
Posts: 8,991
8/26/14 8:41 A

Banana strawberry yogurt smoothie

ASCHU2 Posts: 78
8/26/14 8:41 A

My favorites are also PB2, but I mix 2 TBL with one TBL of real peanut butter so the volume is decadent, but not the damage! I also love my best find-UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE almond milk. It's seriously the best, and I don't miss the carbs at all! I also love greek yogurt mixed with protein powder and frozen banana. I use my hand blender to "fluff" it up and pop it in the freezer for half an hour. Ice cream protein yumminess! Check out if you like recipes incorporating protein powders.

WALLINMW SparkPoints: (300,356)
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Posts: 8,991
8/26/14 8:41 A

Pop-chips BBQ

WALLINMW SparkPoints: (300,356)
Fitness Minutes: (183,658)
Posts: 8,991
8/26/14 8:41 A

Chicken on tortilla with 1 tablespoon salsa

WALLINMW SparkPoints: (300,356)
Fitness Minutes: (183,658)
Posts: 8,991
8/26/14 8:40 A

2 Hard boiled eggs

WALLINMW SparkPoints: (300,356)
Fitness Minutes: (183,658)
Posts: 8,991
8/26/14 8:40 A

1/2 apple 1 oz cheese

WALLINMW SparkPoints: (300,356)
Fitness Minutes: (183,658)
Posts: 8,991
8/26/14 8:40 A

Fudge pop

KATHIE111 SparkPoints: (68,810)
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Posts: 7
8/26/14 8:33 A


PLUSNOMORE5 Posts: 6,190
8/26/14 8:19 A

frozen grapes.....take longer to eat than fresh ones...

GABY1948 SparkPoints: (623,836)
Fitness Minutes: (327,583)
Posts: 136,576
8/26/14 8:06 A

Whole grain bread

BECKYBRN Posts: 327
8/26/14 7:58 A

I am with DADDIONE - Shakeology is the best find. Really helps my energy and decreases my cravings for junk food - tastes good, too! emoticon

INGMARIE Posts: 11,470
8/26/14 7:49 A

Breakfast smoothie with berries ,kale and fruitein (protein powder)

VUKELK Posts: 623
8/26/14 7:39 A

Recently changed a room to my exercise room and bought a 32x46 bulletin board to have a good visual of my goals and daily routine.

CHERYLHURT Posts: 54,287
8/26/14 7:29 A

tandem bike riding!

LEANMEAN2 Posts: 20,020
8/26/14 5:55 A

frozen yogurt - I love it.

DADDIONE SparkPoints: (4,241)
Fitness Minutes: (2,239)
Posts: 14
8/26/14 2:01 A

Shakeology! I have a shake every afternoon as my lunch. I have tons of energy to chase 2 kids under 3 and I have NO sugar cravings in the afternoon anymore.

8/25/14 8:42 P

Miracle noodles

WALNUTT1961 SparkPoints: (144,250)
Fitness Minutes: (25,659)
Posts: 1,723
8/25/14 4:06 P

I like powdered peanut butter. Use it just like regular PB but a lot less calories/fat!

BENE38464 SparkPoints: (11,303)
Fitness Minutes: (9,092)
Posts: 2,547
8/24/14 1:25 P

protein powder! I wasn't feeling very well. My symptoms included irrestible cravings, muscle & joint pain, restless sleep (lots of very nasty dreams!), and a general lack of energy. Also, falling/breaking hair and nails. When I read an article somewhere by accident, I said, "Aha!" Knowing that I don't eat red meat any more (or very rarely) I decided to try the protein powder. I make a shake with low fat milk, 1 scoop of protein powder, and some fruit lots of mornings. I add 1 scoop to a cup of Greek yogurt. And also there are lots of recipes for getting some protein powder in. If you want to try the hogurt thing, you can use either vanilla or chocolate powder. Stir it in and let it sit a minute or two, and eat with a small orange and a slice of whoe wheat toast for a great breakfast!!!!

8/24/14 11:46 A

I slice a hard boiled egg and place a a fat free slice of cheese. I nuke the egg and cheese about 15 seconds..

Edited by: ARCHIEMITCHELL at: 8/24/2014 (18:03)
8/24/14 11:43 A

Dave's Killer Bread - thin sliced. Yogurt cream cheese. Both really great!

YESICANYESIWILL SparkPoints: (26,970)
Fitness Minutes: (11,605)
Posts: 2,993
8/24/14 10:39 A

Perfect Foods Bars

SHAMROCKY2K Posts: 6,222
8/22/14 11:57 P


LIFENPROGRESS SparkPoints: (114,733)
Fitness Minutes: (18,343)
Posts: 4,275
8/22/14 2:33 P

Click Protein Powder, Fresh Cherries, Tilapia, Baby Cucumbers

WITCHYONE333 SparkPoints: (9,771)
Fitness Minutes: (4,411)
Posts: 64
8/22/14 12:29 P

Frozen wild blueberries. I eat them frozen in the summer, one at a time for a chill time treat.

KASTRA Posts: 369
8/22/14 12:00 P

Arnold's sandwich thins @ 100 calories per roll, lowish sodium for shelf bread, and 5g of protein and fiber. Great for sandwiches, and I also use it open-face for mini pizzas (spread red pizza sauce or pesto over each half, lightly top with mozz cheese, add some pre-sautéed onions and green peppers that I make up once a week for pizzas or omelettes, a few dashes of oregano, bake for 10 or so minutes until cheese is bubbly). There are other uses for them, I'm sure, but that's all I typically use them for. They live on the shelf longer than most breads as well, which is good since we are not used bread people so there's less waste or pressure to eat something for which I'm not in the mood.

Laughing Cow Lite is another favorite. I use it on sandwiches, particularly wraps for a good sticky cheese to hold the wrap together. Use it on bagels in place of cream cheese. One wedge spreads a long way and it's pre-portioned so I don't have to dirty my measuring spoons. It's yummy in recipes also for dessert type items that call for cream cheese for same taste but less calories. One of these days when I have time, I'm determined to try making a cheesecake using just that and see what happens.

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
Fitness Minutes: (23,835)
Posts: 827
8/22/14 11:58 A

Ground flax seed. I add it to oatmeal, yogurt or sprinkle it on toast peanut butter.

Steel cut oats.

REENKA Posts: 34
8/22/14 11:55 A

My newest find is steel cut oatmeal. It has more texture and tastes nuttier than the regular oatmeal. I also feel like it keeps me satisfied longer. Oats have a fair amount of protein -- 8 grams in one cup cooked. It takes longer to cook than regular oatmeal but worth the wait.

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (40,164)
Fitness Minutes: (50,984)
Posts: 1,395
8/22/14 11:41 A

Cauliflower rice - take raw cauliflower and either use a grater to grate it or use a food processor to chop it up so it's about the size of rice. It's so versatile - use it in place of high carb rice; in fact I just found a recipe for Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice that I'm anxious to try.

COLLEENBOB SparkPoints: (25,119)
Fitness Minutes: (9,859)
Posts: 71
8/22/14 11:26 A

Whole grain pasta. It tastes the same as white pasta, but holds up better for freezing and reheating, and has a ton of healthy fiber, so it is much more filling. Why did I wait so long to try it?

CELLA_P SparkPoints: (10,336)
Fitness Minutes: (7,885)
Posts: 365
8/21/14 7:49 P

I love to make a big salad out of baby arugula and Vidalia onion slivers...with a couple tablespoons of Wishbone fat-free Italian and a generous grinding of pepper.

The arugula has a surprising amount of vitamins A and K in it, and I love its peppery taste emoticon

MOMMA7 Posts: 31
8/21/14 7:30 P

I love hummus and grated carrot on a whole wheat English muffin (Aunt Millie's brand has only 100 calories!); a fresh crisp apple with a mozzarella string cheese; peanut butter (melted in the microwave) over spoon size shredded wheat; cocoa puffs and slivered almonds with Almond Breeze.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
8/21/14 4:21 P

Hummus, for sure (and definitely as a sandwich spread - it's perfect for that), and my current favourites for multiple uses are barley and lentils. It's a rare day now that I'm not using at least one of these, yet I'd never tried any of them a year ago...

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (215,382)
Fitness Minutes: (78,949)
Posts: 7,164
8/21/14 2:03 P

I really like my hummus and carrots. I'm thinking about using it as a sandwich spread instead of mustard or mayo.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,757
8/21/14 1:18 P

As a milk lover I was surprised to find I like Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk. I love that it's high calcium, has no objectionable ingredients (to me) and especially that 8 oz is only 30 calories. I still drink my beloved organic milk though.

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,204
8/21/14 1:02 P

i love my whey protein and unsweetened cocoa powder

MIDNIGHTWOLF27 SparkPoints: (2,726)
Fitness Minutes: (2,213)
Posts: 22
8/21/14 10:11 A

I thought this would be fun :) What are some products or other things you've found that you really like since you started your journey to better health?

For me, I really like almond milk. I stick with the unsweetened versions, for cooking and pouring on my cereal. They're normally around 30-40 calories per cup, much better than skim milk. I also almost always have frozen bananas in the freezer. Who needs ice cream when you can just blend a few into a thick shake or smoothie?

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