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10/9/11 12:51 A

If done in a repeated fashion it is hip lifts, a bridge is a static exercise done with only the feet and shoulders in contact with the floor. To increase the intensity rest your feet on a Swiss ball to create a greater lift. Both forms are excellent core exercises.

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10/8/11 11:34 P

LOL, thanks girls! :)

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10/8/11 9:10 P

It's a bridge. Try googling it and make sure though.

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10/8/11 9:08 P

I think it's called a bridge.

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10/8/11 9:03 P

I lay on my back, feet on the floor with knees facing towards the ceiling, arms by my side. Lift stomache up but leave shoulders on the floor. Do a rep of 12 but don't put back to floor until finished.

Thanks! :)


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