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4/24/13 12:58 P

Hello everyone my name is Alicia. I have been back and forth with weight loss and have recently really gained the motivation to stick to a healthier lifestyle. My soon to be husband works a lot and is tired so I began finding ways for him to feel healthier and I have also done them. With my illnesses I have been battling for years my meds tend to make me very out of it and I can't always stay motivated. Recently I started going to the gym (which has been sporatic) now I am going daily with the help of my other half (he watches the kids for me). I write what I do for exercise at the gym and what I eat. I also write a motivational quote for myself every day which I write on the wipe board in my dinning room as well. I am still having a hard time since I do not see the weight coming off. The scale doesn't move. I eat well but I don't eat a lot. I eat when I am hungry which is what I have read is best as when I eat and am not hungry I get sick. Just wondering if anyone has some tips for me? Need someone to help me really keep going. I get married in October of this year and want to lose a lot of weight before then. Thank you everyone.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/24/13 11:20 A

Great job Patti. Welcome to SP.

To the person who is working out and the scale isn't moving, you may be shutting your losses down by eating too little.

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4/24/13 9:59 A

Welcome to the SparkPeople Family, Patti!!!

Coach Nancy

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/24/13 8:59 A

Awesome Motivation Patti. Its nice to hear when someone chooses something big like that.

AMANDA65899 Posts: 19
4/24/13 8:20 A

I was asked to be in a wedding in a year from now and am hoping I loose 35 pounds by then. I am getting stuck, the scale didn't go down this week and I exercised more then I ever have. It is very frustrating and disappointing.

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4/24/13 7:55 A

good motivator

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4/24/13 5:46 A

My name is Patti and I am new to Sparkpeople. I am tired of being unhealthy,so I am eating better and moving my body more each day. I guess my BIGGEST motivation to lose weight is to permanently getting off my oral diabetic medication !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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