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4/23/14 6:52 P

I cannot eat ground beef or turkey. Or any kind of ground meat. I used to eat it all the time and now it just grosses me out.

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4/23/14 8:35 A

I have found that meat is less appetizing to me during spring and summer. I don't know why warm weather has that effect on me, but it does. Try adding beans, eggs, and fish for your protein.


4/23/14 8:31 A

I haven't entirely lost my taste for meat, but I have much less of a preference for it than I used to. I'm 52 years old and when I started losing weight, I could eat piles and piles of meat and potatoes and gravy. I used to be indifferent towards sweets, preferring heavy tastes. I could (and did) gobble down anything drowned in cheese sauce. And it used to be I couldn't eat something like a bowl of cereal for breakfast, it was too sweet. It had to be meat and eggs and hashbrowns, every morning. Whew. No wonder I got so heavy.

Now I'm pretty much the opposite. Savory foods for breakfast are unappealing to me. I have a palate much more receptive to sweet tastes, and I love fruit and most vegetables. I could eat a bowl of cereal for dinner and be happy. I have to stop myself from eating too much ice cream and chocolate.

I think part of the reason for this, in my case, is that my blood sugar used to be on the high side, which made sweet things unappealing. I also exercise much more now and I'm dieting, so I'm in a calorie-negative situation. I have the palate now of a little kid going through a growth spurt.

It's also partly that I've learned to like the feeling of traveling light. I like being full of fruits and vegetables and whole grains and things like that. If I eat french fries now, two or three will do, they taste very heavy and greasy.

It is weird how we change.

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4/23/14 7:43 A

As we get older our bodies tend to have delicate bowels and then incapability of the body to digest food properly...I call it "gut sluggishness". We need water to stay hydrated and high fiber foods because the body finds it hard to digest fatty food. I even find pasta is hard to digest.

Maybe try 99% Fat Free Jennie O Ground turkey for a stir-fry or to make a turkey burger...
I make turkey chili , turkey tacos, turkey meatballs and 4 ounces of the 99% Fat Free is only 120 has no skin added to the mix as some ground turkey does. I add a little Kitchen Bouquet to the mix instead of soy sauce when making a stir fry or burger...low sodium and a nice flavor.

I also use All-White egg whites that are fluffy and they don't have that awful yellow dye...they are pure egg whites.....

Hope this helps you

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4/23/14 6:30 A


Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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4/23/14 6:20 A

Kim - I'm finding that after this first 7 weeks or so my tastes are changing as well. I am not enjoying meat as much as I used to. If the meat is part of another food - like a taco or stirfry - I am fine. But just a hunk of chicken, beef or pork, not as much. I am also craving fish - which I choose whenever I eat out - and I'm enjoying cooked vegetables a lot more.

KMFITZ721 Posts: 89
4/23/14 4:30 A

Until about 2 weeks ago I could eat meat. Suddenly, after eating a meal I fixed, it felt heavy on my taste buds and felt bad and haven't been able to eat any since. I know as we get older sometimes out tastes change. I know that there are certain foods that I didn't like before I enjoy now. Several years ago, I stopped liking pork products which was no big deal because I really wasn't a fan of most pork products to begin with.

I'm seeing if anyone else has experienced this and if their tastes have changed back or is this permanent. I don't mind if it is but also would like suggestions how to get protein in my diet so I can stay healthy.


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