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10/24/12 3:46 A

I think that you deserve a BIG pat on the back for what you have achieved already:-) You have done your body a HUGE favour in more ways than one! Even if you don't lose any more weight, please keep in mind that your body WILL be a lot healthier because of what you have lost already. I am sure that you are a lot happier about the smaller size clothing, too!

Where it comes to your food, there are many ways to have the same things. For instance, I make a puree out of lentils and an assortment of veges, + a fair bit of tomato paste. It could be the very thick 'sauce' for a healthy home-made pizza. It could be thinned a little for a thick 'cremed' soup. If I add a small amount of mince meat (ground beef, chicken, pork, etc.) then it is my 'meat' dish. I add Rolled Oats and Oat Bran to it to make it quite thick, and sometimes add an egg as well, and it makes meat balls. I bulk cook, and t this very point of time I have 3 of those varieties in the freezer for when I want them. To add even more variety, I might use curry, or Dried Basil, or Mixed Herbs. Today the meat ball was squashed and put on a very thin burger bun along with some Tomato/Garlic Hummus and salads, so there was even more variety.

I have a lot of other foods bulk cooked and in the freezer. Chick Drum Sticks can be cooked with veges and lentils, then shredded when cooked. It could be a soup or any of the other types mentioned. I might add a few really strong tasting dried apricots to the cooking process and believe me, that is soooo yummy. I might add mashed banana to the mince 'stew' with a little curry. Crushed Pineapple or apple goes well with the pork. They are great with rice or potato or on toast!

It need never be boring. It just takes a little thought at the beginning but after a while you will get loads of ways you can do various things. The trick is, have the variety in the freezer in single serves so that you can grab what you want when you want it.


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10/23/12 2:01 P

I do keep my cardio varied. I do c25k three or four times a week. I'm on week 7 so I'm running longer stretches but it's still intervals. I almost always go longer than 30 min for that, usually around 40-45 and I do hills and vary my pace. I always find it challenging and always push myself. On the other days i do the elliptical sometimes or the stairs for a half hour. Or Zumba. Or the strength training intervals on the Nike fitness app which are absolute killers. I feel like if that's not enough, it's hopeless cuz I'm getting burnt out as it is.

I know I'm not making it easy to give me answers but that's why I'm so frustrated. I know I shouldn't put so much emphasis on the scale. I have had other positive things like more endurance etc but I don't know how to stop obsessing. My goal was to be at a healthy weight by my 30th birthday in feb so I'm really disappointed that I'm not gonna get there even though I'm working hard at it! And I have 5 more lbs till I'm half way when I planned to give myself a reward and I just can't get there. If I can't even get to the half way mark, what hope do I have??

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10/23/12 12:56 P

You say you exercise for 30 minutes every day, but could you be more specific about what you do? What's more important than time is intensity. If you've been exercising awhile, especially if you are doing the same thing.your body adapts, becomes more efficient and then burns fewer calories. You might try kicking up your exercise to 45 minutes or 1 hour for at least three of those days. Make sure you incorporate strength training on at least two of those days since the addition of muscle will boost your metabolism. For cardio, do more intervals and perhaps incorporate some plyo and speed drills if you are up for the challenge. For strength, focus on circuits, which means little or no rest between sets and reps.

Also, step away from the scale. Get a tape measure or have your body fat measured instead. Then, make some assessments that will allow you to measure your progress: how fast can you complete a mile, how many squats and pushups can you do consecutively, how many crunches in a minute, etc. Write down your stats and measure your progress toward real fitness, which is much more than a number on the scale.

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10/23/12 12:16 P

Don't bother tracking veg I mean. I do eat them.

REVIVED Posts: 990
10/23/12 12:07 P

Thanks for the feedback. You can't really go by my food tracker because I struggle with tracking food. I get confused about how to calculate portions. Like last night we marinaded the chicken using a cup of Italian dressing, 1 T honey and 1 T lime juice but we didn't use all the juice. When we cooked the chicken, we just pulled it out of the bowl, so all the sauce was still in the bowl, not eaten. How do you track that? That kind of thing drives me nuts. So where you see 1100 it's usually because I gave up trying to figure something out and just estimated. Entering multiple things in the recipe calculator is so tedious! Even when i do a spark recipe, i usully end up altering it because I don't like something. And Because veggies are so few calories, a lot of times I don't bother. Last week I had chicken tortilla soup everyday which was chef Meg's recipe and Tht had lots of veggies plus I had veg at supper. I'm sure I could do better with it. I'm always looking for recipes. I make myself nuts doing it. I'm on spark recipe and pinterest daily. It's so hard to find things that I like and fit in my range plus the other restrictions I have like no carbs for dinner or no processed etc.

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10/23/12 11:44 A


Don't worry ! What you're experiencing is perfectly normal. Now, one thing you might consider doing is checking out the Spark Recipes section. If you find that you can't face your "boring" dinner, then it's time to change things up. Like exercise, a person should periodically change the foods they eat. Add some variety. don't eat the same old, same old every day or it will become just that, same old, same old. Chef Meg as well as the Spark members have posted thousands of different recipes. Try some new recipes. It's like exercise, when we get bored with our exercise routine, it's time to try something new.

I hope you don't mind, but I snuck a peak at your food diary. While you do eat plenty of fresh fruit, you're definitely short on your leafy green veggies. If you find yourself getting hungry around afternoon, it could be because you're not eating enough at breakfast and lunch. If you're running on a regular basis as well as doing some strength training, your body needs those extra calories to function properly. Some days, you only have 1,100 or so calories logged. So, some of your cravings may stem from not eating enough on days you do vigorous exercise. Eating too little can hinder a person's weight loss.

Also, don't beat yourself up because the scale isn't moving as fast as you'd like it. You've already made excellent progress. There will be times when the scale does slow down and that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. Give your body time to adapt to the new changes. Remember, there is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

Look for other ways to gauge your success that don't involve the scale. Do you have more energy ? Can you carry more bags of groceries without getting tied ? Are your clothes fitting better ? Can you walk up stairs without getting winded ? Can you run a mile faster today than you could a month ago ? If so, those are all signs of success !!!

Be patient with yourself and your body. Try changing up your menus so that you aren't bored. It is okay to have snacks during the day. keep eating that fruit, but do consider adding a few extra veggies in too.

DANAG22 Posts: 741
10/23/12 11:24 A

Take a deep breath you got this! Be patient. I was having the same issue about two months ago trying so hard to see numbers drop on the scale and with all my consistent effors, eating well and excersing insanely NOTHING. So frustrated I decided I'm not gonna look at the scale anymore as numbers should not define success. I have been incorporating kickboxing and I see a personal trainer 2x a week. I've lost lots of inches and I'm fitting into smaller jeans. I'm getting stronger, feeling better, looking better right now I'm happy with that. I suggest you put the scale away for a while, focus on strength training and by the looks of your food tracker it doesn't look like your eating enough which can stall your weight loss efforts. I also met with my nutrionist last night I'm having the same issue I need to eat more but I'm only 5'0 as well it's hard to eat more if your not hungryy ughhh but you have to eat to lose as crazy as that sounds.

Hang in there! Good Luck!

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PATHFINDER52 Posts: 722
10/23/12 11:19 A

Your stats are very much like mine!
The difference is that I'm older (60!) and I can't say I've done 30 minutes of exercise every day for the last month!
But the weight fluctuation is my constant annoyance.
When I really get frustrated I do a one-day flush.
That will usually get the "water weight" out of me and decrease some of the cravings that come when I've been eating the same foods over and over to "stay on track".

I use a product from Isagenix, but I'm confident you can find something locally or online (here?) -- and it is only a one-day thing. It helps me re-set my eating and often gives me a 2# loss on the scale, which helps my attitude!

Good luck, and please know, you're NOT crazy!


REVIVED Posts: 990
10/23/12 10:19 A

I'm sorry, I'm going to sound like a crazy person. But thats because I feel like a crazy person and I have no one to talk to. I don't know where to go with all this frustration and I feel like I am going to lose it.

I've been trying so hard. I've lost 45lbs total over 2 years - 12 from May until now and I've been working so hard since then. I've gone off track for a day or 2 here and there but nothing catastrophic. Just a high calorie day here and there, maybe 2 or 3 at most consecutively and not often. I've been bad about tracking. I work full time. I have a husband and 2 small children. I struggle with organization. But I have a basic eating plan that I follow - mostly from Skinny Rule by biggest loser bob- which ive found to be very practical and non-gimmicky.

I eat for breakfast 1 slice of Ezekiel 4:9 break with 1T natural PB and 1/2 banana. also 1 cup coffee with 1/2 milk and 1 and 1/2 T sugar -thats my big indulgenge for the day
morning snack: 1 small apple. 1 oz cheddar cheese
lunch: 1 try to stay around 300 calories, make sure there's protein and veggies. all healthy. nothing crazy. sometimes its soup or turkey meatballs with romaine lettuce.

snack: 1 cup greek yogurt with 1 cup strawberries and blue berries

dinner: 4-5 oz protein and veggies.

I try to stick to this, try. But i have a really really hard time with it. especially recently. its like I know what i should be eating. I can force myself to do it during the day cuz im at work, my food is already prepared and i have no choice but by the time i get home, i start losing control. i dont want my boring dinner! I try to eat stuff that i know is gonna help me lose weight like egg whites and fish and it literally makes me start gagging after a couple bites. i keep trying to tell myself that ill get used to it and start liking it if i just keep trying but its not working and im starting to resent it! we usually go out for pizza once a week or something and you'd think that that would keep me in check but im just getting bitter about not being able to have what i want. and not losing weight faster to make it worth my while

I was at 170 in the beginning of the month, fluctuated up to 174 over the course of the month and now I'm back to 170 again. I'm getting nowhere! And I'm only 5'0". So I'm not even half way to my goal.

I've worked out for 30 minutes every single day this month so far - sometimes longer.

but im so spastic. i feel like i cant stay on track with everything for long enough to know if its making a difference. for instance, i was having chocolate milk after every work out up until a couple weeks ago cuz i thought i was supposed to (then heard i wasnt) and i wasnt having enough water - i think. so i stopped the choc milk, am trying to get in the water. i added strength training half hour intervals on my off days of running but i really hate it so some weeks ive done it once, sometimes twice, and i think last week, for the first time, i did it 3 times. i just cant stay consistent with anything!

so i keep thinking: ok im gonna come up with a plan. I'm gonna do all these things and stick with it but after a few days i slack off on some aspect of it. but overall, i still think that im committed enough that i should be seeing more progress. i dont know how to be accountable for everything. its too freaking hard!!! i just cant keep it all together!! I just want to lose 5 more lbs to get to half way. so im pushing myself and pushing myself but i feel like its not enough. and i know im just getting stressed which is not helping but i spent YEARS feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything about it. now im doing something about it but feel like even though i THINK im trying so hard, its just not enough.

i dont know how much longer i can keep this momentum up. but i feel like i have no choice because i dont want to be 200lbs again. i HATED myself!!

sorry - i know i sound completely mental and probably am not making any sense at all. i need to say so much more but now my break it over. advice please?!

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