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7/8/12 4:49 P

I just converted from ww to sparkpeople. I tried ww but actually I don't do very well without knowing exactly how many cals I am taking in. They also have a new thing here with weekly online meetings with webcams. MUCH cheaper than ww and I think it will be more personal. I think I will check that out this week!

6/29/12 9:07 A

Hi Lovelife487,

This website isn't set up to calculate WW points but there is a way that you can use this site to keep track of your daily points. All you need to do is build your own Favourite Foods list and instead of recording the # of calories, you can record your # of points in the calorie section. This way, at the end of the day, you know if you've met your points goal or not. As for an actual points calculator, just google it and save a link then use this site to keep track if you still want to come here for support.

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6/16/12 9:51 P

You mean whether this site will tell you the WW points? No, it doesn't. This is, not They're two competing products in the same market and won't work together.

You can't even really do both together. WW doesn't give points to a lot of foods that are 'free', like vegetables, whereas Spark calculates the calories from everything. It's possible to over-eat on purely healthy choices!

If you want to use both, you need to use your WW guide book to work out the points on what you eat. I'm not sure if you really can fit into both plans with the same meal plan per day, but you could try. Just remember neither approach is necessarily "best" - but if you choose the best information from both plans you have a good chance of seeing success in your goals.

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6/16/12 6:10 P

Does anybody know if they calculate points on here?

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