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1/12/12 7:38 P

Interesting read

1/12/12 7:18 P

im looking for something that i can stick to a lifetime,thats why im asking i only had this package for 4days when i found out what i was eating and couldn not eat it had me thinking before this plan i have lost 6 pound with exercising and eating right.i guess i will stick with sparkpeople and exercise thinks for the info

1/12/12 7:09 P

Not really worth all the money. For some the rigid plan may work for them, but not for me. I bought it about 4 years ago and the novelty/excitement faded after 2 weeks. The remaining 4 weeks were a real chore. I found it very restrictive and not very realistic (for my working mom and night student lifestyle) to eat 6 mini meals of very specific things every day. To make it worse, the foods given for my body/metabolism type were ones I didn't really like. Who can be expected to follow a diet long term eating things they don't enjoy? I lost about 5 pounds (hardly the amazing results they lead you to expect) and gained them back in a week. It sat in my closet until last year when I donated all the materials/dvd to my local Goodwill.

Bottom Line: It doesn't do anything special that regular old calorie counting and exercise does already. Why pay for it? Oh well live and learn - Spark is free!

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You forgot to ask the most important question.

What happens after six weeks?

Anybody can lose weight on a fad diet and gain right back.

You have to ask yourself, "Am I looking for a fad diet or something that you can do long-term?

Are you willing to cut dairy and olive oil for the rest of your life?

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1/12/12 6:43 P

Sure it's possible to lose 30 lbs in 6 weeks. But it ain't healthy to do so.

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1/12/12 6:36 P

i was wondering have any one heard of the 6weeksbodymakeover plan by michael thurmond,it a kit that they will send you and you have to answers ? about your body to see what your body type is, and what ever your body type that what meal plan you use to lose weight. u can lose 30 pounds in 6weeks but you cant eat no butter oil(not even olive oil),no mayo,and you are eating complex carbs and high protein,and you are not eating no dairy product and some fruit u can eat no. so my ? about this plan is it healthy and is it possible to lose 30pounds in 6 weeks

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