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DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
2/10/14 9:28 P


PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
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Posts: 2,292
2/10/14 7:55 P

dont give up just keep trying

SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
2/10/14 4:19 P

No.. I was by being under 300 by end of January but.. I put back on 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks !! emoticon I need to move more.

PTREE15 SparkPoints: (8,292)
Fitness Minutes: (11,594)
Posts: 490
2/10/14 4:11 P

I have been at a plateau for a while now, but I'm actually OK with that at the moment. I have about 12 pounds to reach my goal, and I know it will be slow going since I'm so close and I'm older. I'm really trying to be patient, though, and get used to myself at my current weight. It's been decades since I was this low, so it has taken my brain a bit to catch up. I am keeping up my exercising really well, because my goal for that is to always be in hiking shape. It's the food that can sometimes derail me. That said, I have much better habits now than I have in the past, and I'm thrilled with that. I don't really consider this way of eating temporary anymore, and I think that has made a huge difference in my being able to maintain my current weight and not regain.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
Fitness Minutes: (12,338)
Posts: 2,292
2/10/14 3:10 P

good job hope you are hitting your goals

MNCYCLIST SparkPoints: (137,184)
Fitness Minutes: (78,633)
Posts: 6,987
2/10/14 2:57 P

I've been on a bit of a plateau but I think I'm starting to break through!

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
Fitness Minutes: (12,338)
Posts: 2,292
2/10/14 2:54 P

good job emoticon

SPARKLEYSHINE SparkPoints: (29,927)
Fitness Minutes: (4,899)
Posts: 732
2/10/14 12:20 P

According to my goal line on my weight report I am on track of hitting my (first) goal!

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
2/10/14 12:14 P

I need to work harder

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
Fitness Minutes: (12,338)
Posts: 2,292
2/10/14 12:12 P

Thanks yes we can do this

DOWN135 Posts: 852
2/10/14 12:09 P

My goal is to get from 165 to 135 by end of April. My clothes feel like they are getting loose, but the scale doesn't seem to think so. Looks like in two weeks I've lost about half a pound to 1 pound. Can get frustrating some times, but I'm going to keep up the good fight! I know I've been in this place before.. where it seemed the scale didn't move but then all of a sudden I was down like 4lbs! So keep up the good work everyone1 emoticon

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
Fitness Minutes: (12,338)
Posts: 2,292
2/10/14 12:08 P

dont give up just keep trying I have a goal but mine is aways down the year so I want to make sure I am gonna keep it off so just stay positive and keep mo9ving forward emoticon

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
Fitness Minutes: (12,338)
Posts: 2,292
2/10/14 12:06 P

good job stay the course and you get there

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
Fitness Minutes: (12,338)
Posts: 2,292
2/10/14 12:05 P

Awesome you go girl

2/10/14 9:12 A

Yes, roughly 3/4 of a pound to a pound loss per week. I am down from 201.4 (December 26th) to 192.4 today (February 10th) that's about 1.2 pounds lost per week.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
2/10/14 6:43 A

No and I don't think that I will get there since my goal was to be at 150 by the end of this month. I reset this goal from last month and hoping that if I reset it again the third time will be the charm. I really want to lose these last 10 pounds and it is crazy how difficult it has become.

BETTERME8913 SparkPoints: (5,341)
Fitness Minutes: (747)
Posts: 824
2/9/14 11:16 P

My goal was to go from 182 to 155 by the end of April this year. I weighed in at 160 yesterday, Feb. 8th. I may get there! I'm working hard on it! emoticon

HHUGHES71 SparkPoints: (104,324)
Fitness Minutes: (51,729)
Posts: 5,100
2/9/14 10:53 P

I am well on my way to reaching my weight loss goals. That being said, I had Valentines' Day set as the day to be at my goal weight and as of yesterday, I am still 6.2 lbs away from that goal, so I doubt very seriously I will reach it by Fri. Now hoping that it only takes about a month to reach my final goal.

2/9/14 8:56 P

No, I need to deal with stress without food.

2/9/14 7:27 P

No. I need to work out more.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,028)
Fitness Minutes: (12,338)
Posts: 2,292
2/9/14 12:22 P

Is everybody on their goals on weight loss that they have set?

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