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3/9/13 11:42 P

Thanks everybody for checking out my trackers, offering suggestions, and letting me know I am not alone. I hate to "give in" and go buy a bunch of big clothes simply because I got too fat to fit in my old ones, but I see that at some point I have to learn to accept myself and relax. I don't know why my brain won't grasp that "calories in vs calories out" doesn't work. For the last couple years I have been trying in vain to lose even just 5 or 10 pounds and met with total failure. That should be enough to convince me, but it doesn't convince my brain. Needless to say I still feel really rotten about my body and am flailing in my efforts, but I guess I will aim to keep trying. I am working with a nutritionalist who specializes in eating disorders and she thinks my metabolism "is on the mend" so I hope one day I will feel more in control of my life.

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3/7/13 6:53 P

Hi TriathleteGirl,

You sound just like me (though I'm not recovering from an eating disorder and I'm probably a lot older). I'm hypothyroid, I've been tracking for 34 months, adding exercise from none, to three, to now 8 hours a week. I'm now training for a sprint triathlon. I've worked with endocrinologists, family doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers. I'm still at 35% body fat and still have plenty to lose, but I have not lost weight in over a year.

Like you, I can't see the definition in my new muscles because of the layer of fat. My thighs still rub, and I love your definition of a "muffin top that rivals Hostess!" I'm not even pushing heavier weights in the gym, as I am now LOSING strength, and the doctors and trainers don't know why.

So, what IS the point of it when one looks like they spent their life sitting on the couch eating junk? All I can console myself with is that I'm getting healthier.

I wish I had some pearls of wisdom, but I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. In some strange way, it helps me to know that there are others in the same boat.

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3/7/13 5:23 P

I just want you to know that you're not alone! more thing...
Take the word impossible out of your vocabulary!
Everyone that replied to your post pretty much said the things I wanted to say.
Be confident!
And let the word IMPOSSIBLE cease to exist in your vocabulary!
Take care!

BETHS60 Posts: 560
3/7/13 5:03 P

Wouldn't it be nice if you exercised 20% more and ate 20% less you could predict that you would lose a pound a week? Unfortunately, the human body doesn't do math. It will not make a nice straight line no matter WHAT you do.

The one thing that your body will do is try to keep you alive. If your body doesn't feel like it is getting enough calories it will conserve whatever it can, particularly fat. So go back to using the tracker, and make sure you are getting enough calories (usually about 1200 a day) so your body doesn't think you are at the start of a famine. Also, check your other nutrients to make sure you are getting enough micronutrients, proteins, and healthy fats.

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3/3/13 10:34 A


I will just share what sent my weight loss into overdrive: eat a minimum of 7-9 servings of veggies a day - plus any additional veggies and fruit you desire.
Eat whatever else you like, too - I eat meat, cheese (I try to stay low fat w/ that), chocolate (I do some sugar free as that works for me). I don't deprive myself whatsoever.
Just measure your portions, which you already do, so you know what you're getting. For me, the veggies fill me up and seem to act as insurance for days when I go over in calories. I don't know what it is, but my weight loss has been consistent since July 2011 when I started so I plan to eat a bag full of these veggies forever.

Also, I always ate at the high end of my Spark's calorie range and yes, some days I went over. I figured hey - even if I went over by a bit, it was still light years better than what I was consuming pre-Sparks - so I'd still come out ahead of the game.

Archi's right - you really DO need to eat to lose. And pound those veggies down...
Try it for a week and see if your clothes don't feel loser. I noticed a huge difference the first week I started doing that.

Good luck to you.

PSHOWS SparkPoints: (6,487)
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3/3/13 7:33 A

I read this and I realize that I do the same thing. I kno that it all works better if I keep within the calorie guidelines that spark people gives..... Right in the middle is usually best for me. We can all do this and we need to plan it and log it. The fact that you wrote this post is a. Ery good sign. It shows that you are ready. emoticon

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (189,692)
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3/3/13 6:20 A


I hope you don't mind, but I took a look at your food diary too. You mentioned that you haven't been logging everything. So, I'll take that into account. However, for the last month, your calorie intake has been ranging anywhere from 850 calories up to 1500 calories. That kind of radical swing in eating isn't healthy. AND if you add exercise on top of that, it's not a wonder you're not seeing gains in strength or lean muscle.

In order to increase lean muscle (mass), a person has to eat. If you're eating at a deficit to lose weight, you're not going to add lean muscle. If you're eating less and exercising, what you're doing is making the muscle you already have work more efficiently. The catch 22 is this. If you're not eating enough, not only do you not have enough calories to fuel your active day, you don't have enough SURPLUS calories to develop lean muscle.

food = energy and no food = no energy for a variety of different bodily functions.

Are you training for a tri-athlon ? If you're trying to be more athletic, you have to stop thinking like a dieter and thinking like an athlete. An athlete doesn't eat less than 1,000 calories a day. Depending on their days activities, a female athlete has to eat at least 2,500+ calories. I'm a very active group exercise instructor. On days I teach classes, I routinely eat 2,500+ calories. I'm around 145 pounds.

Here's the thing, weight loss isn't impossible but because of your prior eating disorder and thyroid issues, it's going to be more complicated.

Have you ever consider working with a dietitian ? If not, I would suggest talking to your doctor and asking for a referral to a dietitian who can help you craft an eating plan to help heal your body. It strikes me you're putting too much pressure on yourself and your body to lose.

The fact of the matter is, women DO jiggle. In general, depending on age and fitness, a woman should carry 20-29% body fat. Yes, top women athletes and body builders can go less than that. And you have to also keep in mind that top women athletes with dangerously low body fat are at risk for a number of different medical issues such as osteoporosis, loss of menstrual cycle, eating disorders, etc. This is well documented.

It's true. Women are very hard on their bodies. Even top supermodels think they are fat when they are not. It really is okay for women to carry fat. The problem is that we are bombarded with images of super slim women who have the bodies of adolescent boys with boobs. That's just not the norm.

Do you admire Dara Torres ? I sure do ! But her body isn't the norm for women either. I can't tell you how many hours a day she has to train to get that kind of body. Most of us, just can't do that. we're not built that way.... and that's okay.

This has taken me a long time to learn, but what my body can do is more important than how it looks. Yeah... I jiggle. I have cellulite and I did a Spartan Sprint in November. Good health really does come in many different shapes and sizes.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (228,833)
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3/3/13 12:47 A

Hi - I am glad that you have reached out.

I read your SparkPage and noted this in your intro:
" I gained 25 pounds while recovering from an eating disorder, and now I have been trying to lose the weight in a healthy way." You also imply that you are fat. I have worked out your BMI (which isn't a hard and fast rule but rather a general guide) and you are under 26, so you are only borderline, and certainly not fat.

THEN I had a peek at your Nutrition Tracker, and discovered a lot of information there. What I noticed is that many days were under 1,000 calories, and many of them well under - in the 800's. On top of that, some of those days you were exercising. I think you will find that if you increase your calories to a healthy range, then you may start to see some progress. Also, I suggest that you forget about the scales. They are not the be all and end all, and can in fact cause a lot more problems. You mention that your clothes don't fit - this doesn't mean that you are an unhealthy weight - just that they aren't the correct size for you. I would liken it to my trying to get into a NZ size 10 trou and believing I am fat because I can't get into them, but I am a size 14-16 - a HEALTHY size 14-16.

Sometimes we look in the mirror and see ourselves, but not how everyone else sees us. We have a distorted sense reality. I feel that it is highly likely you are still under the grips of an ED - perhaps not as bad, but it is still where it needs to be addressed. I strongly urge you to talk with your Dr and ask for a referral to a Therapist who specializes in this sort of issue.

Take care, and I DO mean
Kris xxx

TRIATHLETEGIRL SparkPoints: (55,034)
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3/3/13 12:00 A

My weight tracker is stressing me out. It shows a nice, downward-sloping line to my goal and my "real" weight is zig zagging sky-high. I started SparkPeople November last year and haven't lost a pound except last month when I had the flu. Once I got up and started moving around again, the weight came back on (as it should, I suppose). I have worked out regularly at the gym since September and have seen some gains in my strength but unfortunately gains in my fat rolls as well. My clothes don't fit, I can't see any muscle tone or definition whatsoever because of the layer of fat all over my body. I haven't tracked much since I was ill because I half feel like giving up on this. Nothing seems to make a difference and when you feel that way, it is easy to fall off the wagon. Yes I am on thyroid medicine and herbs for my hormones and fat ladies run wild in my family. But I thought with a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercising regularly would change things for me. It has in the past so I don't see why the weight won't come off now. My only pair of jeans that still fit have finally worn holes from my thighs rubbing and my other jeans, which I fortunately can still get buttoned, display a muffin top that rivals Hostess. My goal is to cut down on some of this extra jiggly fat. While it is nice to be able to push heavier weights in the gym, it is not my goal. What is the point of it when you look like you spent the last 6 months sitting on the couch with potato chips?

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