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If you are a cardiovascular patient, you really should be talking to your doctor about what you can and cannot safely do.

Most forms of exercise can be done moderately, or with more intensity. It is not the form of exercise that matters, but how hard and fast you work out.

A more realistic guide is how high your heart rate gets. The Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity
details how to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate, and guides as to what is moderate, medium and high intensity cardio.


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There are lots of articles on SP about this but everyone is different. So no two are the same.
I know that this won't help but I can only relate to me.

One thing in common is that walking is light (unless you are speed walking) but this also depends on your weight and such like. I walk near 50 miles a week with no trouble but when I started 5 was hard to do.

I think the best you can do is read the articles and see what might be best for you. Try a few and also build up more as you go.

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please classify the hight intensity exercises, moderate exercises and low intensity exercises for a cardiovascular patient.

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