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4/26/13 11:38 P

I disagree with a lot of the previous posters here. While it is stll possible for most people to improve their fitness levels and lose weight ... there are some physical effects of aging that cannot be totally prevented or ignored. Those realities don't make it impossible, but older people do face health and fitness challenges that younger people do not face.

For example, hormone levels change. Men have lower testorone levels. Women are paricularly prone to osteoporosis and hypothyroidism. Both genders are more likely to experience balance problems as we age ... and a slower metabolism ... and the cumulative effects of old injuries and other wear and tear on our bodies. These things can't be ignored.

I was reading just yesterday about retirement planning ... and that most people in their 50's assume they will be able to keep working until they are 70. However, a significant percentage will be forced to retire before age 65 because of health problems. The message of the article was that people who are able-bodied in their 50's cannot plan their finances to assume they will stay healthy and fit until 70.

The same realities of aging that the article talked about apply here. Yes, we should all try to be remain as healthy and fit as we can be ... but we must also take the realities of aging into consideration as we set our expectations and make our plans.

By the way, I am 58 and in the best physical shape of my adult life. I got serious about health and fitness about 5.5 years ago. I have lost almost 50 pounds and am much stronger and fitter. But during that time, I have also dealt with a fracture ankle, diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, decreasing hearing and balance. I deal with those things successfully, but the DO complicate my diet and exercise plans.

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4/26/13 4:33 P

61 here and check the tracker...... Kinda says it all.

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4/26/13 8:41 A

That is "great nres"

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4/26/13 3:30 A

Getting back on topic..

My blog charted the course last year of my weight loss at 52.

I had previously lost weight in a controlled way at 40. (and had been very very fit at 30)

What I found over many months was that the knowledge I had won at 40 meant that I knew exactly what to do and what worked. I actually lost weight at a slightly faster rate (i.e 2.5 pounds a week rather then 2 pounds a week) than I did when I was younger. This weight loss rate went down to 1 pound a week as I approached normal and at "normal/fit" bmi I need to focus to lose 0.5 pounds a week.

If anything it seems it is easier to lose weight as you get older. One extreme is my mother (72) who has dropped 50 pounds in two years. She has made no effort to lose weight but has simply "lost her interest in food" (in a good way). The advantage of being "not quite as young" is that you can draw on intellectually and mental reserves that many don't have when they are younger..

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GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (347,768)
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4/26/13 12:40 A

Even us sexy oldladies can still lose weight and look good

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4/25/13 10:44 P

I find it harder to lose weight as I age, but I have also been presented with physical challenges that haven't helped. That being said, I may have to work harder than I did when I was 20 or 30, but I'm doing it. If I can't do what I did before, I find a new way.


SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
4/25/13 9:09 P

I'm 63 years old and I do strength training at home 3 days a week, I use Leslie Sansone's DVDs Walk Away the Pounds/Walk at Home when weather is bad outside, I wear a pedometer from the time I get up until the time I go to bed to measure my 10,000 steps daily, keep track of everything I put in my mouth and I will never stop all these positives. I take Sunday off for a day of rest. When you put your mind to thinking about how healthy your life is it gets you to thinking. I'm getting better each day with more energy than I've ever had! It's all a mind game saying a person is too old to drop the weight. Yes, we all have to work to get the weight off but it sure is worth the effort. Some people are just great about coming up with excuses!

GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (347,768)
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4/25/13 7:58 P

Wait till you see results.

JANCARD SparkPoints: (113,891)
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4/25/13 7:50 P

Sure it can happen. I'm in my 50s and have lost 70+ pounds since January of last year. 2 pounds to reach my goal weight!

Not easy but I exercise, started to track all food & drink here on SP and participate in several challenges. This is my new life and I've found the benefits FAR exceed the effort. Once I got myself past the "this is just too overwhelming" attitude and took it one step at a time, the small changes really added up to big results. I can tell you SP made all the difference for me and THANK YOU ALL for the support.

GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (347,768)
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4/25/13 6:15 P

lost 59 lbs. at 72 1/2 yrs. old

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/25/13 4:07 P

don't buy it a bit........I am 57 and in the best shape of my's just an excuse.

GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (347,768)
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4/25/13 3:37 P

I am 72 1/2 yrs. old and do emoticon and emoticon every day for over a year. I will never stop no matter what. !!!

BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
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4/25/13 11:46 A

off topic but...

SP_COACH_NANCY 52 no way!!!

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SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
4/25/13 12:06 A

So untrue. You can lose weight and build muscle. At 48-49, I lost 30 pounds and lowered my body fat percentage from 33% to 23% and I'm the smallest size I've been my entire adult life.

One of the biggest issues many women face is the loss of muscle mass after 40 unless they actively engage in a strength training program. Fat does nothing at rest. Muscle burns calories at rest. Makes a huge difference in metabolism.

8HEATHER Posts: 63
4/24/13 9:50 P

I don't buy it either. I had a similar conversation with a coworker. She is about 15 years older than myself (I'm 39). She said it's impossible after you hit 40 but that I might be able to do it since I wasn't menopausal yet....all the naysaying was enough to finally push me to really do it and I've lost 12 pounds in two months. Plus look around here...there are tons of older people losing weight and getting fit. Maybe it takes longer but it's not impossible it's just an excuse to not try.

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4/24/13 9:36 P


I don't buy it--one of the first quotes I read when I joined SparkPeople over 7 years ago read--"If a man really wants something, he will find a way. If he doesn't he will find an excuse" ~Stephen Dolley, Jr.

While it seems like it is harder, what I believe makes it more difficult is being stuck in a diet mentality and not realizing that healthy habits take time--it took me 3 1/2 years to lose 80 pounds--that was 5 years ago (I had started my weight loss journey before I found SparkPeople) and I am proud to say I am still the same weight--I will be 52 soon, but I find that once healthy habits become, well a habit--anything is possible.

Coach Nancy

RAMBLINROSE123 Posts: 75
4/24/13 9:25 P

Hi all, I was talking to my co-workers today about weight loss and how I was using SP to count calories and track exercise. Also, I let them know of my progress, 25 lbs.! Well, they were saying how they wanted to lose weight also, but being about 30 years older than me, (I am 30) that it just wouldn't be as easy for them to lose weight. I was just wondering if it really does get harder to lose weight the older you get. What do you all think/know?

Thanks everyone.

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