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1/29/13 3:59 P

Talk to your doctor or your pharmacist. They will be able to look up the medication and report on all types of signs and symptoms based on the "research" of the drug. Your pharmacist will ask if you have any questions---they provide this service. That is where you will get accurate information.

SP Dietitian Becky

1/29/13 3:38 P

Ok so I have dysfunctional uterine syndrome and I am not making progesterone so doctor implanted the norplant in my arm yesterday. I have lost 20lbs this month but for about the last 2 and a half weeks I have been on high doses of hormones to stop bleeding. The doctor said that this method is a 4th generation progesterone so it does not make you hungrier. If hunger is the only thing I can deal with that I already am anyways. But I want to know about peoples experiences with it while dieting. The internet is full of opposing posts that many times look very suspicious or are very old. Any recent experiences? I am under the un derstanding that the new version began in 2010. TY.

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