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It seems to me that you are not recovered from your previous workout when you hit the next one.

I had the M/W/F weight lifting schedule for a year, and almost always the Wednesday sessions were lousy, simply because I wasn't recovering from Monday's workout.

Nowadays, depending on how hard I workout, I end up resting up to 72h before my next workout. Since starting this new schedule, I am yet to get frustrated with a workout in which I struggle in lifting what I usually can lift.

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As others have already noted, some days are better than others. If you find that you can't lift as much on one day as you do on another, one thing I would ask is what are you doing between workouts ? How many days a week do you do this circuit ? Do you give your body a rest between workouts or do you do cardio on days inbetween ? the reason you may find that you don't lift as much on one day is because your body is fatigued from a previous workout.

You may find that you can lift more when your muscles have had enough time to rest and recover. when your body is tired from a previous workout, it means you might not have enough energy to do that workout. So, if you want to see prorgression, do make sure your body is getting enough rest. Most people don't realize that your recovery is when your muscles get stronger. If you don't give them time to rest, they'll never get stronger because they are constantly fatigued.

Are you doing a circuit like Curves ? If so, that's a perfectly good place to begin your introduction to weight training, One thing I am going to encourage you to do is try these exercises with a barbell or hand weights over in the weights area. You'll need to experiment with the weights to find out which will fatigue your muscles with 2 sets of 8-12 reps. don't be afraid to try some free weights. free weights and barbells are a good way to challenge your muscles.

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7/23/13 10:56 A

The previous posters have given you some good advice. How many days per week are you following this routine?

Coach Jen

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I would say weight lifted is important, but not the only thing that matters. Weight + reps is a good method of determining progression. If you're increasing one or the other (or both), you're progressing. If you're doing the same thing each time, consider a different program. Circuits are not really a great way to build strength.

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7/23/13 8:44 A

What matters less than the actual weight you're lifting (which doesn't tell us much) is actually how many reps you're doing. How many can you do before you can't do another rep in good form?

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7/23/13 7:56 A

I am 33 and I weigh 170 trying to lose about 5 to 10 lbs. I work at this circuit weight machine set up they have at my YMCA which has about 8 machines which work legs and arms. I am trying to get to lifting about 45-50 lbs with my arms and 150 lbs with my legs.
Currently I can lift 30-40 lbs with my arms and about 110 to 120 with my legs, depending on the muscles I am using. The circuit sets it up so you use different parts of the muscles on each machine and works all muscles of arms and legs. My goal is to "master" these machines before I go onto to more complex ones.

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7/23/13 7:35 A

What is your program? What is the plan for progression? How old? How much do you weigh? Are you currently gaining, losing or maintaining your weight? If so, at what rate?

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7/23/13 7:31 A

You'll have good days and bad days, but over a longer period of time (1 year+), the amount of weight you can lift should improve

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7/23/13 7:03 A

Can anyone tell me why after about a month and a half of weight lifting sometimes I cannot lift very much. When I do work on my lats or biceps sometimes I can lift 45 lbs on the circuit machines other days I can only do 30? I thought with regular work outs I should be able to lift more....

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