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12/14/12 11:26 P

Check out this ground beef calculator by the USDA. You can enter the type of ground beef, the amount, and select raw or cooked versions. I think this will give you the most accurate information.

SP Dietitian Becky

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12/14/12 7:12 P

if you are wanting to know calories: 4oz is what the package says it is. RAW bc thats how you bought it. now if it cooks down to 2.5 then its still the same amount of calories because thats what the package said it is.

some packages will tell you what something is cooked. like a have these turkey brats i love! they have the calories listed as cooked and uncooked so you know exactly what youre eating.

hope this helps

as far as making sure youre not eating to much just calculate your calories. if i ate 4oz of meat i would be starving!!!! so i just make sure to stay in my calories so if that means eating more meat now so i dont binge later then ill do it

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12/14/12 6:59 P

i ground it up and weighed it at 4 oz of cooked ground lean beef. i made chili. 3 different sites give me a different #. one says 204 another says 317 and another says 675 for cooked lean 93% beef.

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12/14/12 6:55 P

4oz is 4oz... so 4oz of cooked meat is still 170. The thing is, if you start with 4oz of raw meat, it cooks down to a lesser amount. So 4oz could cook down to 2.5oz or something like that. Just like 5.5 or 6oz might cook down to 4oz. Basically, you just have to estimate and you might end up a little short of 4oz, or you might end up with a little more.

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12/14/12 6:48 P

it says 4 oz is 170 raw. so 4 oz cooked would be how many calories is what i need to know.

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12/14/12 5:43 P

a portion of meat is 4oz already cooked.
but, if you are using nutrition info from the package [and the meat came raw], then you want to weigh raw to use that info from the package.

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12/14/12 5:38 P

so when i want 4 oz of ground beef lean, so i weigh before i cook it or after? so confused about if im eating too much.

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