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7/28/13 3:58 P

With 102 pounds to lose, I am not concerned about losing 10 pounds in one week. (I imagine some of it is water weight loss)
However, did you change something this week??? food intake, salt intake, exercise, medication from the doctor, etc

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7/28/13 3:22 P

weight loss isn't a linear science. you can easily lose more one week and not so much the next or vice versa. especially if you have been on a plateau. Look at your AVERAGE weight loss over a period of time. As long as that is reasonable (1 to 2 percent a week) and you are changing you life style not just on a diet, you should be fine.

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7/28/13 3:17 P

I'm a little concerned that i am dropping weight this week a little fat. I dropped 10 pounds after weeks of nothing. Is this safe or could there be something else going on?I have 102 to lose still and I don't want to gain any of it back

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