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12/30/12 9:28 P

ya gotta find other ways to channel your anxiety try a hot bath or writing in a journal about your fears and frustrations!!

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12/30/12 8:21 P

Omg, which story would you rather tell - that you went to your brother's wedding, met a couple of new people who were fun, had some great food and wine, and made it a day to remember; or that you went to your brother's wedding, worried the whole time about what was going on with YOU, and basically made it a day to forget?

Maybe you're feeling anxious about the wedding in general, or about your own relationships, or you in the dress. Put that to one side for the day. You belong to that family, and you're all going to be beautiful together.

Disclosure - I was a teenager when my mom got remarried. I was miserable and adolescent and hormonal and made the whole day about what a crap time I was having. It was insufferably childish and stupid of me, and I wish I'd been a bit less focussed on myself at someone else's party. I would have had a better time, my friends wouldn't have been rolling their eyes at me, and my parents wouldn't have given me all those forlorn glances. I recognise you're likely no teenager, but the point stands. :)

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12/30/12 3:58 P

No offense, but the only woman they will be paying attention to (or should be paying attention to) is the bride. I know it's stressful to be around a bunch of people, but chances are that while people may talk to you, your weight will be the last thing on their mind as they celebrate the occasion.

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12/30/12 1:46 P


Now stop that !! You are NOT the fat ugly sister. You go to your brother's wedding and enjoy yourself !!! This should be a time of JOY for the entire family.

My advice ? where something smashing the suits your current figure ! Ill fitting clothes look horrible on a person regardless of their size. That's why it's important to wear something that flatters your figure. Don't wear anything too tight. Like I said, nothing looks worse than ill fitting clothes. Go out and SPLURGE. Spend money on a really nice outfit. Get your hair done. Get your nails done. Go all out !!

Nothing says NEW ATTITUDE like a new outfit. So, no more beatings. the beatings aren't productive. Go treat yourself to a wonderful outfit. Then you go to that wedding and you really enjoy yourself. Because if you sit in the corner saying,"woe is me". Yeah, people will call you the fat ugly sister. Don't let that happen.

This is a joyous occasion !! Have some FUN !

And well, let's say you find a smashing outfit that isn't quite the right size. That's when you buy a foundation garment to wear under it. These are not our mother's girdles. The new body slimmers can smooth out all the lumps and bumps. Many women wear something like SPANX to keep everything in place. size doesn't matter either. JLo wears Spanx ! I can prove it.

The point ? lots of women use foundation garments to "adjust" their figures. The point ? These are things you can do to feel better about yourself AND have a good time at the wedding.

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12/30/12 1:34 P

my brother is getting married next week

i am stressed out since i am dreading being called out as the fat ugly sister

i have lost some weight recently, but today i binged on chocolate bars just dreading the anxiety with this big family wedding.

i know i need to buckle down and refocus, and don't want to thwart my good efforts so far

i hate family weddings..... :(

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