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wedding date: 10-16-11. goal: honeymoon in bikini

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12/13/10 11:54 A

Congratulations!! I also got engaged in August and we chose October 1st, 2011 as our wedding date! My fiance is in great shape, but I would like to loose 60 lbs. I think its great that you and your fiance are doing this together! Before and after photos are a great idea! I think I am going to use that idea too and take a before picture! I hope that we will be able to keep in touch throughout our journey and be able to help motivate eachother!! Best of luck!

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12/9/10 4:21 P

my goal is to be able to wear a bikini (and look good!) on our honeymoon as well. I'm not really going to focus on numbers - it's all about how I look and feel.


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12/9/10 11:04 A

Wow you sound a lot like me! I got engaged in August and our wedding is 10/15/11.

My fiance and I are joining the gym tomorrow. We sat down and figured out a great plan so we can keep each other on track.

Best of luck to you both.

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12/8/10 5:20 P

Congrats! My fiance and I are getting married next November! We also just joined a gym. We have about 100lbs to lose to be the weight we would like to be! I am not counting on that much loss, but would like to lose about 50 or 75. Good Luck!

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12/7/10 3:19 P

Congratulations! My fiance and I are trying to pick our wedding day for next October as well :-). We both have 30lbs each that we're striving to work off at the gym ourselves.

Something that really helps me when starting out a new plan is taking things gradually. Like I started logging everything I ate for 15 days and just added exercise. I love food, I hate giving it up. I needed a good reason.

Well, after seeing the amount of empty non-nutritional calories I was eating, it was pretty easy to readjust the daily menu with the mindset of "that hour on the elliptical just counted a WHOLE LOT MORE since I didn't have that glass of beer."

You'll conquer that love affair with sweets and you are going to be THE HOTNESS come October!

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12/7/10 9:10 A

You sooo got this! I am getting married 10-8-11, we are neighbor brides ;)

Congrats on joining a gym and spark, you are on the right track and without doubt, you will be stunning on your wedding day!

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11/19/10 5:41 P

Congrats on your engagement! You can do it! Check out this sparkpeople article I just read that was really encouraging for me!

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11/11/10 12:21 P

Congratulations. You can do it!

Just try and give things up gradually - soon enough you won't even "crave" them anymore!

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10/27/10 9:32 A

Congrats on your engagement!!! You are going to look beautiful on you wedding day. Just follow what spark people says and excercise and the weight will start to fly off.

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10/27/10 5:23 A


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10/27/10 12:50 A

I just joined sparkpeople. I got engaged in august and we are getting married 10-16-11. I couldn't be happier! i've gained about 40 pounds since college and feel gross. I want to look and feel great on my wedding day and my ultimate goal is to wear a bikini on our honeymoon and feel comfortable in it!

My fiance and I are taking "before" pictures tomorrow and joining the local gym tomorrow. We're committing to going together at least 3 times a week. Food will be the hardest part for me because I love everything bad... especially sweets. Wish me luck!

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