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One of the fringe benefits of eating healthier is that it often also leads to a lower intake of salt. And less salt = less retained water. It is not uncommon to see a one-off weight drop of 4-8 pounds through a reduced salt intake in just a week or two. Of course, if the problem with the old diet was too many calories rather than too much salt, then you may not see such a dramatic shift.

A drop in glycogen storage (and the water) is often associated with low-carb diets in particular. A more balanced diet may not see the same drop in water.

A program of vigorous exercise can actually increase water storage with glycogen, and can see an one-off upshift in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

So overall, it's difficult to come up with a prediction for any one individual, but anything between zero and eight pounds would be reasonable range.


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I'm sure everyone is different, daily my weight can easily vary by 3-5lbs, but weight loss from water at the start of a diet I believe is closer to perhaps 7-10lbs during the first week or two for myself, and that would be dependent on how much I had to lose, the macronutrient ratios prior to the diet and how hydrated I was at the time of the first weigh in.

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When I first came back to SP a few months ago, I stopped ALL carbonated beverages and dropped 10 pounds F*A*S*T.

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I'm not aware of any specific formula to help you determine that number. It's based on a lot of factors, including how much weight you have to lose, what kind of changes you're making to your diet and exercise routine and how quickly, and just how your body responds to it all. For some people, water loss is minimal- they hoped to drop 5 pounds in the first week but they only see a 1 pound loss. For others, it's significant- they might lose 7-10 pounds in the first week or two.

In general, the average person isn't going to see more than a pound or two of actual fat loss each week. So if it's more than that, it's likely due to water weight.

Coach Jen

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How much water a person losses because of a shift in their water weight is not an exact science.

Take women for example. Most women tend to retain water (and bloat) during their menstrual cycle. How much water weight can they gain or lose during that period ? My own weight can shift as much as 5-7 pounds. I've read posts where some members said they can gain as much as 10+ pounds.

When I weight train, a vigorous workout can cause me to gain or lose 3-5 pounds.

In a day, my weight can shift as much as 3-4 pounds.

I don't believe that there is a specific equation that can calculate how much water weight a person losses as a result of dieting, PMS symptoms, strength training, hormone imbalances, etc... Because we're all different, the amount we lose will be different. Someone who is morbidly obese will shed more water than someone who is over weight. the larger a person is, the more water that body can hold.

In general, just from reading the replies on the forums, I've found the average weight loss tends to be 5-10 pounds in a week for people starting a weight loss routine. And keep in mind, plenty of people don't lose an ounce that first week out either.

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Does anyone know how much weight that comes off initially during a diet/corrected eating habits is actually weight from water? I know there is a great deal of water locked up with glycogen storage, and as glycogen goes down initially it appears like much weight is lost.
I cannot find a formula or estimation of weight loss to expect to be water.

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