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water water WATER!!!!!

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Posts: 8,970
2/20/13 3:15 P

I agree with TURTLESDOVE on drinking water, Especially if you are at Work, you just can Not be Running to the Bathroom when you are working like that. I also agree with those that say, just Drink Water When Your Thirsty and Other Liquids Count.... I have Also Read that other Places As Well. One person may not need as much water as another might need. We are all different.

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Posts: 167
2/20/13 1:05 P

I go through the same thing but after a few weeks I notice I have to go less. I hate waking up in the middle of the night 3-4 times to go to the bathroom!

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Posts: 402
2/20/13 12:58 P

I drink a lot of water. I do get sick of going to the bathroom, esp at night. You can drink too much and hurt your kidneys.

Posts: 1,061
2/20/13 12:08 P

especially if you are at work. When I was drinking a lot of water, I had to pee every 15 minutes and the boss wasn't too happy to hear, "she's in the bathroom again". Needless to say, after getting into trouble, I've realized I was going overboard on my water drinking. Drink when you are thirsty, and yes, check the color of your urine. That will tell if you need to drink more.

Posts: 1,926
2/19/13 9:52 P

I usually drink a lot of water, but today I found myself running to the bathroom frequently because it was cold. I will cut back when the weather is this cold.

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Posts: 20,425
2/19/13 8:42 P

ORCHIDBLOSSOM - frequent urination is NOT the only negative side effect of drinking all that water! There are many other negatives, including depleting your electrolytes in your body, and THAT can have significant serious consequences!

To the OP - I don't drink much water - there is no proven benefit from drinking WATER as opposed to other fluids as well - apart from mainly reduced calories and reduced sugar to rot a person's teeth, or affect a diabetic.

I would strongly suggest that you be guided by TWO factors - your thirst and the colour of your urine. IF your urine is clear, then definitely cut back! If it is very pale yellow, you could still afford to cut back a little.

The amount of hydration is dependent on a number of factors:
The persons size

What they do (e.g. physical activities)

If they sweat much

The climatic conditions

Whether they are in an air-conditioned environment for long

What they eat! If they eat a lot of casseroles or soups then they are getting a fair bit of fluid from that. ALL food has fluid and this needs to be taken into account, too!

The person's medical health - particularly some with renal issues or heart issues need to be on a very restrictive fluid intake!


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Posts: 217
2/19/13 8:30 P

After reading the 4 articles in SparkCoach today regarding the importance of water, there's not much I could add to emphasize the importance of drinking of 8-12 daily. The only thing I could add might be a tip, that whenever I'm feeling hungry between meals, I reach for my water bottle, take a few sips and wash away the hungry feeling for while longer. Sometimes our bodies think we are hungry, when in fact, we are needing more water.

It may seem difficult to get that much water down every day, but it is so important. It does get much easier over time to drink the water needed to hydrate our bodies when exercising and eating healthy.

Posts: 568
2/19/13 11:32 A

It absolutely does get better over time; your body acclimates to all of that water. It does make you feel fuller and I find especially helpful to drink a glass before a meal then you tend to not want to eat as much. Just noticed (hadn't thought of it before another member mentioned it) that I do seem to have less body aches when I first get up in the morning. !! Who knew?

Posts: 267
2/19/13 11:28 A

Your body will get use to it and you wont feel you have go as often as you do now.I try to get in at least 6-8oz. glasses of water in a day.I've noticed with increasing my water consumption,my skin rarely breaks out and I just feel better overall.No achy joints,no feeling of hunger when I know I'm not hungry...and best of kidney stones in 11 years emoticon

Posts: 529
2/19/13 10:59 A

I disagree with the last 2 posts. The benefits you get from increased water consumption override the one negative side effect of increased urination (do an Internet search for water benefits and you'll see what I mean). Your body will become more acclimated over time. The best thing about being properly hydrated is getting through workouts without dry mouth!

So, you shouldn't base your need for water on thirst alone. Use your urine color as an indicator of whether you're sufficiently hydrated.

Posts: 1,061
2/19/13 10:04 A

I agree with OPUSEVA. Only drink water when you're thirsty. The only reason it works for weight loss is when you are drinking it instead of calorie laden sodas and sugar added juice. The foods we eat already contain enough water and unless you're running a marathon or something like that, just drink when you're thirsty.

Posts: 1,298
2/19/13 8:19 A

One of the silliest things you can do is FORCE yourself to drink water just to meet some arbitrary quota!


There is no benefit from forcing yourself to drink more water than you need. And it is a complete and utter myth that you will be "dehydrated" if you don't "get in" your 8 glasses a day. It's common sense, really. If you are constantly going to pee, YOU'RE DRINKING TOO MUCH.

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Posts: 230
2/19/13 12:13 A

Hi LoveMouse,
Oh man I have the same problem!!!! Drinking all that water is the most difficult part of spark people and usually my little water tracker glass is mostly empty day after day. It's just no fun having to get up and go pee every hour or every half hour in my case. Embarrassing, too, in the office. I used to work retail and just realized I couldn't drink all that water. Now I don't but I still don't like being in the bathroom half the day. I certainly hope it gets better. I think the summer's warmer weather will help.

Posts: 5,643
2/18/13 9:57 P

I've been a water drinker all my life (am now 62); but of course, made it a point to drink LOTS of water maybe the past 5-10 years or so & as I recall, it DOES get better. I used to go every hour on the hour, I'm pretty sure, but now I can go 2-3 hours or more. I also notice it makes a difference where other liquid is in my diet as well: eating soup, eating melons, for instance, with high water content, etc

SparkPoints: (3,788)
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Posts: 349
2/18/13 9:43 P

This sounds like a totally stupid question, but since I have been trying to get in my 64 oz of water a day I have had to urinate like seriously every hour - it is SO annoying! Now, I obviously can't go that much especially at work but what I mean is that I at least feel the urge to that often (and then have to hold it until a convenient time).....

will my body eventually get used to this amount of water and not have to go so often? I really do have a job where I am not able to head off to the bathroom every hour or every couple of hours. It's so annoying to the point that I almost want to stop drinking so much because I can't stop that often.

Anybody else have similar issues? Is it unusual to have to go this much? I'm just not used to drinking so much water I guess.

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