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Hi Kay,

When there is not an exercise in the fitness tracker, a few options include choosing a similar exercise or using a heart rate monitor and manually entering in the calories burn goal that way. The only problem with that is HRM readings are not very accurate for pool workouts due to the cooling effects and buoyancy of the water which will keep your heart rate lower than land-based exercises.

Coach Nancy

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1/22/13 4:07 P

Does anyone know where to find out the calories burned while walking exercising and jogging in a resistance pool. It has to be more than just doing it in a calm pool. Our local hospital offers it as part of the gym to use for public use. It has an adjustable current level which can go quite high. I jog and exercise with it about half way which is a pretty strong resistance. Any ideas or information on this out there? right now I just track it as water aerobics. Thank you Kay

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