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3/12/14 10:22 A

Coach Nicole has a lot of great weight lifting videos you can try right here on Spark.

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3/12/14 9:33 A

One book recommended on here often is "New Rules of Lifting for Women" as it seems to be a good beginning guide to strength training.

Form is the single most important thing. The vast majority of injuries from strength training come from bad form rather than lifting weights that are too heavy. Also, you won't be using the same weights for every exercise. Your quads are *much* bigger than your biceps so if you're doing squats and bicep curls both with 15# dumb bells, you probably need to up the weight on your squats.

The principles of strength training are no different for either gender. Guys just have more testosterone so they don't have to work very hard to add muscle mass. Women, on the other hand, have a very difficult time building muscle mass so there is no need to worry about looking like She-Hulk if you lift heavy. Trust me, you won't. Use enough weight that you can't complete an exercise with good form after about 12 reps and do 2-3 sets of exercise.

I like full body strength training a couple of times a week because it fits into my schedule better and I'm seeing the results I want out of the 4-5 exercises I do. On each ST session I do squats, deadlifts, bench press, assisted pullups, and overhead press. Sometimes I do horizontal rows too. The whole thing takes me about 30-40 minutes.

3/12/14 8:52 A

I've just come to this conclusion too! I have the dumbbells up to 15lbs and a 8lb medicine ball. I have lots of questions, like "Should I lift for separate body sections on separate days or full body three days a week?" Beginner stuff like that. Is there a message board for women's strength training?

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3/12/14 8:05 A

SparkPeople has a great free fitness generator. You get there by clicking on fitness under the Articles & Videos tab. Then, click on workout generator. It's wonderful.

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3/12/14 12:53 A

I love the free workouts at

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3/11/14 11:16 P

I enjoy walking and jogging but would really like to add weights to my routine. I have a set of dumbbells which go up to 15 lbs. but I have no clue where to begin. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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