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KELLY_R Posts: 3,012
5/6/13 5:39 P

Oh yeah - cramps in my calves are sure indication of my trying to push myself to move too fast when my body's not ready for it.

4mph is a very fast walking pace - if you go above that your body will likely need to break into a jog (unless you're tall, then it may be different. I'm 5'5 and 4mph is a fast pace for my short legs.)

With walking I actually stretch DURING and after the workout. Some days my calves start getting sore through the walk, and if that happens, I'll stop for a moment and give them a good stretch. Sometimes I have to stop and do this a few times during a walk (depends on how my body's doing for the day). I just don't stretch before the walk since my muscles need to warm up first.

Hope this helps.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
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5/6/13 2:22 P

Getting your heart into the cardio range as a minimum is good; but trying to aim for a certain heart rate otherwise is not really necessary unless you're an elite athlete training. Rather than relying on a certain heart rate, the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) is a better, more versatile method for most people.

Walking fast will definitely get your heart rate up, but it's not necessary. Walking a bit slower for longer may be easier for you to manage if you're having trouble. Remember that it's more important to listen to your body than to hit an arbitrary number in an app. :)

BRET50 Posts: 17
5/6/13 2:15 P

Wow , that all makes sense, I don't like the treadmill so I don't use it, I have a app for my Iphone that gives me lap speeds , how far, and miles per hour. I have been trying to keep a 3.8 to 4.0 on the sidewalk and roads I walk. I tried to run, but had a lot of problems, my neurologist said I was nuts for trying to run, told me in order to run again I would have to have my neck fused again. Told me to walk , so I am walking I am trying to keep my heart rate up and thought I had to walk fast in order to do this. I must be way off huh. I should just walk slower and longer? Not 3.8 to 4.0 for 4 miles

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
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5/6/13 1:59 P

That's probably your problem. That's fast (I assume you're on a treadmill) and bringing it down to 3-3.5 may be more comfortable for you. Faster isn't better when it comes to these things. You don't lose weight faster by walking faster. :) Do what's comfortable for your body!

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5/6/13 1:57 P

You could be going too fast, too soon. Your muscles may not be used to the movements and your body may not be used to the impact. 3.5-4 miles an hour is my normal walking speed when I'm not slowing myself for my children or others, but I have always walked fast for my height (I'm 5'4"). But most people who aren't big walkers may have to work up to such speeds.

BRET50 Posts: 17
5/6/13 1:20 P

ok maybe I am walking to fast , I am trying to walk between 3.8 & 4.0 miles per hour

5/6/13 1:12 P

Make sure that you are wearing good shoes that have a cushion in the heel, and make sure you're walking with good form. Walking should strike heel to toe; the internet has a lot of good information on it if you Google "walking form."

Also, it may just take a while to get used to the extra movement. Make sure you are stretching after your workout, not necessarily after your warm-up (there is mixed information about this, but in general I'd base it on how you feel. If you're tight after the warm-up and stretching seems like it'd help, go for it). Coach Nicole posted a really great cool down stretching routine for runners that I like.

Stick with it; I'm sure it will get better eventually. :)

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
Fitness Minutes: (15,360)
Posts: 9,709
5/6/13 1:09 P

How far are you going? If you're cramping, you may be doing too much, too soon!

Have you thought about taking on a training plan? SP has a great walking 5k plan that I used to walk my first 5k. I was REALLY sedentary... as in, no voluntary movement for about three years, 12+ hours at a computer. My hips hurt at night from all the lack of movement.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/6/13 1:04 P

WHEN are you stretching? Best time is after your walking...

BRET50 Posts: 17
5/6/13 12:04 P

I just started walking for exercise and I found I really like it, but I cramp in my calves and my left thigh. I drink a lot of water, get lots of potassium, warm up and stretch, but no matter what I do I cramp. Does anyone have some suggestions

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