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5/26/14 8:13 A

Thanks for the posts. I'm not worried per se, just trying to maximize my nutritional punch. I eat a good variety but it's interesting to check and see if anybody has a different take on things.

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EMSR2D2 Posts: 1,394
5/25/14 1:41 P

Most of the vitamin and mineral info is out there. Try this site:

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/25/14 9:46 A

Just wanted to add that if you are tracking using food labels, there will be a lack of vitamins and minerals. They are not required to list most of them. So if I buy fresh broccoli, and use the SP values for " broccoli, fresh ", I get loads of nutrition, while if I eat a bag of frozen broccoli, and use the label, I get only what is required to be listed. So i may think I am low in B-vitamins, when really I am fine.

If you are worried, I would suggest having your doctor get you tested and see if you are low in something, or see a dietitian, who will be able to look at your menu, and let you know if you are missing anything. If you are tracking based on these labels that you input yourself, you may think you have a problem, when you do not. You don't want too much either.

5/25/14 8:56 A

vitamin and mineral recommendations are based on gender and age; not height/weight or calorie intake. So people who need a fewer amount of calories to maintain weight, have less room for foods that do not have a nutritional punch.

Within the recommendations there is a "padding for safety" that is built in. It is about 80%. So usually if you obtain at least 80% of the recommendation, you will be meeting need on your lower calorie intake of 1200 calories daily.

Check with your doctor to make sure this fits with your medical needs. If there are a few nutrients your doctor wants you to get more of; then a supplement may be needed. Or your doctor may suggest a multivitamin-mineral supplement. Since it sounds like you eat a high-quality diet; you probably don't need a supplement that provides 100% of every vitamin/mineral every day; you can probably use a children's version or even use the children's version every-other day to fill in the gaps.

Hope this helps--
Your SP Registered Dietitian

5/24/14 4:38 P

I love your quote!!!!!

Thanks for the comment

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/24/14 12:29 P

Dietician Becky comes on often and can probably answer this the best?

I'm in about the same boat as you, however, my diet is whole foods, so I've never had to worry about getting vitamins and minerals - as I feel confident that my diet provides everything I need.

I just keep my eye on calcium, and I use the sun for vitamin D.

5/24/14 10:49 A

Any advice on accurately measuring the amount of vitamins and minerals in my diet? I'm 5' tall, my calorie range for weight loss is the lowest one available on this site (I generally stay on around 1200, otherwise I'm in a maintenance plan instead of weight loss). The RDA is for a 2000 calorie diet, does that mean that if I get about half of that amount that I'm getting adequate amounts? The alternative is eating at the top end of my calorie range, which is not where I'm able to manage weight loss.

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