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10/25/12 10:55 P

Glad you are consulting with your Doc. You are important!

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10/25/12 10:07 P

Plus, some vitamins and minerals react differently than they are meant to when taken together. I just discovered that my multivitamin with minerals should be taken several hours apart from the calcium I take, as the calcium blocks some of the vitamins from absorbing. Who knew???

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10/25/12 10:00 P


10/25/12 9:49 P

Wow, I didn't know that about potassium, I was thinking that I need some supplement there. Thank God I read this... emoticon

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10/25/12 9:05 P

Thank-you Coach Nancy.....I had been advised to take a potassium supplement a few years ago for an irregular HR. I understand it is an important balance to contol...too much is a is too little. I will be careful & watchful and consult with my doctor.

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10/25/12 7:42 P


Unless you are under medical supervision PLEASE do not supplement your diet with potassium supplements, doing so could throw your heart into an arrhythmia which could have dire consequences. Remember nutrition labels do not have to list certain minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, so why you may think you are low in these minerals, that may not actually be the case. Just want to keep you safe.

Coach NAncy

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10/25/12 7:36 P

I just added some vitamins & minerals to my nutrition tracker report and was very surprised to find that I was quite low in many of them. I was quite sure that I was eating a well balanced diet....this is kind of an eye opener and I'll be adding a multi vitamin and additional potassium and C to our daily intakes. I can see it will be difficult to get the correct amounts each day...but I'll get working on it. Anyone else surprised by their results?

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