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8/20/12 8:19 P

Kitten - I have spent many years of my life going up & down in weight AND it's exhausting in every way! Let me encourage you to make this a commitment for life, NOT a short term drop some pounds agreement with yourself.

I can't emphasize enough that IF you'll put it into your schedule to cooking your own foods, you'll soon love how GREAT your food tastes. Make your own pizza; grill your fish or chicken, veggies, etc. You'll be surprised at how yummy the food is.

I often cook in the crockpot on the weekend; chop veggies OR when I'm slammed for time, buy them already chopped & prebagged OR from the salad bar! As others have said watch the sodium on the "diet" food prepackage's often high because they've taken the fat out & had to put the sodium in for flavor..

DON'T get down - get busy & make a fresh commitment to yourself, for yourself!!! You CAN do it!


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8/20/12 6:25 P

Thank you everyone for you kind word and help and suggestions I will take them all into account, I was feeling really down yesterday but not giving up just stayed at home and in the dark but today is another day iand im going to keep tring.

8/20/12 5:07 P

The resources on this site are pretty amazing - I have learned a lot from them, also reading
SP blogs - help me stay motivated - as well as consider trying some new things...walking? biking? eating different / new foods etc.- one small step at a time: emoticon emoticon

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8/20/12 1:54 P

Maybe check to see what foods you are eating like processed foods. Maybe you can try eating fresh vegetables cut up and add some veggie dip like 2 tablespoons tops. Drink plenty of water (this is key to feeling full). Eat more whole grains. Sometimes we feel this way but we all have to stay motivated and confident and focused. It's hard hang in there!

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/20/12 6:37 A

Exactly what the others have said.

I think many of us have discovered that it's far superior to create our own food items, than rely on the boxed/processed items.

The sodium and other additions are not contributing to health and well-being.

My hubby pointed out a frozen meal (side) yesterday in the store. The ingredients sound great - quinoa, chick peas, veggies. However, I'd rather make it myself - because the sodium content was way up there.

Cooking my own chick peas (from dried), chopping veggies, and cooking quinoa are all pleasurable activities, even if it does take more prep time. I may just come up with my own combination, and cut the sodium content substantially.

As mentioned by others - check out the recipe section here, and do an online search if you still cannot find something that appeals to you. There are many options, and this is a great time of the year to find fresher produce to assist you in your healthy quest.

At other times of the year, buying frozen, with nothing added produce is an option.

AUDREYUK Posts: 621
8/20/12 5:52 A

I also want to share something that I learned in the Diet and Nutrition forum just this past week:

The FDA allows calorie counts to have a 20% variance. That means, that anytime you eat a frozen meal or a fast food meal, it could have 20% MORE calories than you think it does. This is when cooking lean meats and vegetables has an advantage calorie wise. Think about it, if you're a company that makes frozen pizzas, each one being identical because it's prepared by a machine, and you KNOW that the FDA allows an extra 20% of calories, then wouldn't you put on your packaging the lower amount? I think the would!

Here's an article that explains it:

Given the number of frozen foods and foods from restaurants on your nutrition tracker, it's quite possible that you are getting up to 20% more calories than you think.

Definitely try to stick around the forums. I have learned SO MUCH from other Sparkers as well as the experts who contribute.


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8/19/12 7:26 P

Getting rid of the processed foods is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your weight loss. Cutting out soda is another. If you absolutely must have your caffeine fix, limit it to a small can or a set amount once a day. That's what I did and now, the only time I drink soda, is when we go out to eat and I haven't gotten refills the past several times!

When grocery shopping, pay close attention to the labels on the foods you buy. Take your guide with you and keep in mind what your calorie, fat and carbs ranges are. Make your menu plan for the week in advance, it will help you keep to your foods AND we've found that we keep to our budget better too! Leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, broad leaf lettuces like romaine and that are definitely much better for you than iceberg lettuce and aid in digestion. Google "negative" calorie foods. Foods like celery and radishes fill you up, but you expend more calories to eat them than they have in them! You can do it! It just takes determination and the knowledge that you will be healthier for it in the long run.

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8/19/12 4:57 P

I will add my voice to the "avoid processed foods" crowd. The sodium and other things they add to processed foods make them hard on the body. If you don't cook much or don't know how or what to cook, look for SIMPLE recipes, start looking at things that have 2 - 5 ingredients listed. Learn the basic cooking terms. Ask for help. Try to bring more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. All of those things help. You can also look for more WHOLE grain products, whole wheat, whole oat, bran products, etc. are higher in fiber and nutrition - lower in calories ONLY SOMETIMES, but definitely better for you body. They are also often lower in FAT. Try to avoid transfats (now listed on the labels) as they are really bad for your body.

8/19/12 1:53 P

emoticon I support what AUDREYUK writes - and encourage you to move from prepared foods to 'basic real foods' and prepare your own - I know this takes time, however, you will get more to eat for the same # of calories - I have been successful with loosing weight almost every week, with following this routine - If preparing your own food is new to you, start with preparing one or two days and tracking... emoticon emoticon

HEIDIANN-50 Posts: 69
8/19/12 1:24 P

thanks for your honesty and courage to keep trying!

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8/19/12 11:45 A

thank you for the reply

AUDREYUK Posts: 621
8/19/12 11:34 A

*I think in the Diet and Nutrition Forum you will get a lot more responses. Maybe try posting there.*

I looked at your nutrition tracker and you're eating a lot of processed foods (pizza, bagels, hash browns, cake, chips, etc) but I don't see very many (if any) fruits and vegetables or lean protein (chicken breast, lean steak, fish, yogurt, etc.)

If I were you I would try to shop more on the outside lanes of the grocery store (where the fresh stuff is.) You can eat WAY more food for the same calories if you make a few changes.

Have you checked out Spark Recipes or the Diet and Nutrition forum on here? There are TONS of great ideas for healthy and tasty foods.

Whatever you do, don't give up! emoticon emoticon

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8/19/12 11:18 A

going onto week 4 and have gained AGAIN i am still excersizing and keeping relitively within my cal range going over my calories rarley and not by much under 50, i donno what to do feeling very sad and thinking am i the person that is the FAT friend?

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