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10/6/12 12:50 P

Wrist and / or ankle weights can be very useful for those that appreciate and use them.

I've used them with various fasteners. Each system seems to have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Carrying any weights in the hands has never appealed to me, myself . . . but to each their own.

None of them ever seem to work well for those that do not appreciate of use them! )

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10/6/12 12:12 P

Hi SM.
I do appreciate that kettlebells have been around for some time but as far as fad is concerned.. These things seem to be very popular in the States but much much less so in the UK/Europe. I have routine access to about 5 gyms - none use kettle bells. The reason.. Well in the UK kettle bells are associated with highland games. Now although highland games are great the "body image" associated with the games (i.e large ..cough "well built"( men isn't one that sells to wannabe aneroxics.. See here:

Kettlebells are associated with strongman events and it is hard enough selling sensible compound moves to most people..

I think in the States it may be easier to sell their use... i.,e it's a fad.

In truth I've never used them but they do look like a health and safety disaster in a land where some gyms ban dead lifts on HandS grounds!..

10/6/12 7:54 A

I am not sure I would describe kettlebells as a fad since the have been a valuable fitness tool for many,many years and they work, so do weighted vests but the wrist and ankle weights are not really a fad nor were the ever much of a fad. They are however dangerous to the joints.

Why do many runners you see impede themselves by carrying a bottle of water in one hand and restricting the range of motion of the arm on that side throwing their running mechanics out of balance.

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10/6/12 7:04 A

Like ketlebells at the moment. Weighted jackets, wrist weights, leg weights were a late 1990's early 2000's fad. There was atime when anyone who was anyone jogged with wrist weights.

They were useful if someone tried to mug you on your jog. If you threw a punch at your mugger and made contact... he didn't get up again :)

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10/5/12 8:22 P

And after you outgrow them, donate them to a senior center so they can use them in their exercise program.

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10/5/12 2:19 P

Thanks for the input guys! I think i'll give them a try for leg lifts, which I've started incorporatinginto my strength training sessions.

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10/2/12 9:34 P

I also agree that they are NO good for cardio and can even cause you harm. But if you are doing things like leg lifts, then if you want to add some weight, that would be OK. But they will probably just end up collecting dust at your place rather than the guy you got them from.

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10/2/12 2:32 P

If you're doing dumbbell work that has greater than 2kg increments, they can be a great way to add that little extra weight. Eg you're on the 10kg dumbbells and not really sure you're ready for the 15kg ones - use the 10kgs plus the 2kgs wrist weights! Viola - 12kg lifts.

But, there is a REASON he "wanted to get rid of them"... :)

If you don't find them useful either, then donate them to goodwill or simply toss them in the trash.

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10/2/12 7:49 A

You shouldn't use them for cardio, as the rapid movements of cardio means they stress the joints in ways the are not meant to be stressed.

However, for the slow and controlled movements of strength training, they can be used safely and effectively. They are good for increasing the challenge of various leg raises and the like.


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10/2/12 7:36 A

They're not good to use while you work out so I'd just toss them.

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10/2/12 7:11 A

I typically buy my weights/home gym equipment through craigslist as its generally a great deal compared with retail prices. When I went to pick up my last purchase, the seller threw in a pair of 2kg velcro ankle/wrist weights for free because he wanted to get rid of them.

I've had them for a couple months and can't really figure out how to use them or if I like them even. Before I went out and bought up to 2kg hand weights, I used them a bit for the transition but they are pretty awkward as just a dumbbell replacement. The previous owner said he'd used them as a ankle weight when doing sit-ups and crunches, but I do mine on a stability ball.

My question is, does anyone use these things anymore and if so how?? I'd really like to put them to use in my workouts if possible instead of just using them as doorstops! emoticon

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