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3/9/14 11:36 A

Brown rice is 10% protein. Kale is a good protein source. Soy products (soy milk/tofu etc) all are excellent sources of protein.

FYI I was happy to see so many vegan athletes in the Olympics! Plant based diets obviously work for them!

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11/5/13 7:15 A

I think getting enough protein is something that our society has been uninformed about for years. People thing that meat, dairy, and eggs are the only options for protein. I have not once in my life met a single person who suffered from a protein deficiency. I do not eat meat, eggs, or milk. I will eat cheese but only because I am living in france. If you are concered about your protein, then the best sources are from plant based food. Beans are not the only source of protein. Dark leafy greens are packed with protein, and the protein from plants is absorbed so much better then any source of animal protein. Fruits also have protein, but not as much. My suggestion: Start juicing, or making smoothies. You will have all the nutrients you need without going through an animal to get them :)

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6/28/13 9:16 A

I don't think it's physically possible to get near enough protein on a vegan diet while avoiding beans. It's hard enough for vegetarians who eat dairy and/or eggs to get the amount they need with out simply overeating on calories.

Living off protein powder and supplements isn't the healthiest way either

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6/18/13 5:16 P

If you are going to rely on soy for your protein, then make sure the majority of it is fermented soy (tempeh, miso, natto etc) rather than unfermented soy. A bit of tofu occasionally is OK, as is the occasional vegan meat alternative (veggie sausages etc) but there is quite a lot of info and advice from nutritionists advising that keeping unfermented soy limited is a good idea. For example, switching from soy milk to nut milks or coconut milks is also a good way to limit your unfermented soy intake.

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6/12/13 11:59 A

If you eat soy products, tofu and tempeh are excellent sources of protein. Do you eat lentils? They're packed with protein and fiber. Are you allergic to all beans or just some?

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6/11/13 10:36 A

Hello, Sparklers!

I'm looking for interesting vegan recipes (avoiding dairy at the moment for the LiveFit Revolution challenge) that aren't loaded up with beans. I have a mild allergy to beans. I love them, but prefer not to have a stuffed up head all the time. I do have a slow cooker and often make vegetable curry, for example.


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