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Hi Browny.

I am the same age as you, and grew up where eating your veggies was just a means to dessert. I didn't like them either! As an adult, I could go weeks + w/o eating any, though fruit was okay.

But I have to tell you: having lost about 50 lbs 3 x's only to regain it quickly twice, the only thing that made a difference this time was indeed eating and embracing veggies. Now, I absolutely l-o-v-e them as I see what they can do!!

I eat a quart size bag filled to the brim w/ the following: sliced zucchini & yellow squash, red & orange bell peppers, hot house cucumbers, sugar-snap peas and sliced (slightly nuked) yams.
It's about 4.5 cups and I have eaten a bag of this every day w/ out fail for well over a year. And you know what? It has made weight loss totally easier this time; I've kept if off for well over a year (and even lost a bit more) and as long as I eat it, I seem to be able to go off plan here and there w/no repercussions.

I make that bag o veggies my minimum: many times I also eat fruit (berries are heavenly, as are dipped-in-cocoa apples or pears) or added veggies as part of another meal but there have been times where that veggie bag is the only produce I'll have for the whole day (if I'm on the road, am supper busy, etc).

Once I accepted that veggies needed to be a part of this and started actively eating them, things fell into place for me. I am a veggie nut now & always will be! I am not a vegetarian - I eat meat, cheese, etc. Experiment and see what you like; buy them from the freshest source you can find / afford (I find taste varies a LOT, and home grown / farmer's markets, etc have the best flavor). Try new things like grilling sprinkled w/ parm cheese, etc.

Good luck to you. Veggies can be your friend and may be your BEST friend!! I never, EVER thought I'd be such a veggie preacher but I am living, breathing, THINNER proof.

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ABSOLUTELY juicing is a great way to begin a program. Too many times we try to do everything that is best for us, but in the end, it ends up backfiring, so we give up. My take, every step you take that moves you closer to meeting your goals is a step in the right direction. Are there better benefits to eating fruits and veggies in their natural state--YEP--HOWEVER, I would much rather have you juicing than going completely veggie free.

And don't worry too much about trying to revamp your diet all at once...that is a sure-fire derailment for many of us. There is a place for ALL foods in a healthy lifestyle!

WELCOME to the SparkPeople Family!

Coach Nancy

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Read this article:

Another way to get more green vegetables AND their fiber is to make a green smoothie, they taste great and you hardly notice the veggies! Find more information here:

Most people eat way too little leafy greens, and these have a very healing and energizing effect. You make two large glasses of a green smoothie (you can keep it for a few hours in the fridge if you want to) by putting into your blender 2 pieces of fruit (an apple and a pear for example, but you can also use banana, (frozen or fresh) berries, oranges, peach, whatever you like), two handfulls of leafy greens like spinach, kale, endive, parsley, and a glass of water. Do switch the kind of vegetables at least every two weeks, don't have the same type week in week out. Drink one glass first thing in the morning. If possible drink a green smoothie on a stomach that's empty (3 or more hours after a meal).
You will love them and your health will improve!

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As SLIMMER noted, when a person "juices" their veggies, they do lose the fiber. Fiber IS an extremely important part of a person's nutritional intake. The more you learn about nutrition, the more you'll understand how important eating high fiber foods will be.

Even though you might not like veggies per se, there must be some veggies you DO like. Start with those. If you like carrots, each an extra serving of carrots or peas, spinach, corn, tomatoes, onions, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc... There are lots of different options for veggies out there. Don't be afraid to try something new. You might be surprized that you like those veggies.

And well, if you really don't want to eat your veggies, then load up on your fruit. Eat lots of apples, oranges, grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, etc.

Fresh fruit and veggies are loaded with vital nutrients and minerals your body needs to be healthy. Your doctor may tell you to take a one a day vitamin. But, that's just a supplement to the foods you should be eating. Ultimately, a person should be getting their vitamins from the food they eat, not a pill.

So, do your best to try to eat more servings of fresh fruit and veggies. That will not only impact your health, but your waistline too.

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When you juice fruit and veges you will miss things like the bulk of the fibre.

Often people don't like veges purely because they don't know how to cook or prepare them to be yummy. I know someone who would ONLY eat spinach if there was plain unsweetened yoghurt on it. I also know that if I eat cooked spinach (a very quick dip in boiling water otherwise it easily goes to mush) I sprinkle a tiny bit of grated nutmeg over it to enhance it's flavour. As far as which ones - any that you think you would like to try, but try to get a rainbow of colour because then you will be covering the various vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Perhaps you might like to think about exploring the site and other recipe sites and see how they cook or prepare various veges. If you like Peanut butter you MIGHT like celery with peanut butter (go for low sodium) - if you like cottage cheese, try that as a dip - mix various herbs/spices into it. If you cook casseroles, finely chop up onion and celery, put in some canned tomato and maybe a little dried basil, and let it cook with the meat. There are LOTS of tricks that you can try and perhaps you may find that actually you DO like them after-all :-)

After reading your SparkPage I strongly suspect that your diet is heavy on processed foods (carbs/fats). I strongly suggest that you use the Nutrition Tracker and in time try to get your carbs/fats/protein resembling the pie chart that you will find on the "See today's full report" on the right side near the bottom of main Nutrition Page.

Just as we start off with baby steps in other things, start off gradually building on the amount you eat.


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Hi there

Can someone please help me, l am just starting out on sparks and this is my first post. l am over fifty (only just lol) and l hate veggies but l realise l need to eat them so my question is can i juice them, emoticon are they just as good for me, if so which ones and how many per day.


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