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3/25/13 12:34 P

IMO - the best use for having body fat% info on your scale is for comparison (where you started and where you are) - NOT for accuracy, because they are not.

it's a nice tool to have, and it helps to see that even if your weight is staying the same the BF% is dropping (but that usually flucates even more than my weght!)

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
3/25/13 11:07 A

I agree with others that you should make sure the scale is callibrated and just know that all scales are different. I always weigh on the same scale and just pay attention to the change, not the number itself. When I get weighed at the doctor's office I don't pay attention to that number because it may not be consistent with my scale.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,267
3/25/13 8:45 A

I have 2 WW scales; a black plastic digital one that I bought maybe 3 years ago (only tells you your weight), and a glass digital one that I bought a year ago (also has body fat % etc). They both weigh me the same. And the weight they come up with, is within 2 pounds of two different doctor's office scales. The two pounds could be from me wearing more clothes at the doctor's office. emoticon

Differences in weight could be in calibration/ or rather lack of calibration of the scales. I don't think WW would "build in" a vanity feature.

Keep in mind too that scales are notoriously bad (wrong) with body fat % etc. It's interesting that they'll give you a number, but you can't really count on it to be accurate. I bought the scale that does body fat, in spite of that fact, not because of it. I've never used that feature.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/25/13 7:26 A

not sure.
I know my new digital scale was different than my old scale when I bought it.
It's also different than the one at work, and the one at the hotel I was just staying in last week.

However, I'm not sure I think any of them are absolutely accurate, but if I always go by the same one, it will let me know whether I'm up or down.

BTW - the one at the hotel and the one at work are the same brand (non-digital), and show me between three to five pounds LESS than the one at home.

It's only one tool in my arsenal to give me a guide as to how I am doing. I try not to stress over the numbers too much.

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,340
3/25/13 12:27 A

sometimes a new scale isn't zeroed correctly. i'd compare both scales for a while and see if they don't agree. if they don't, you may need to rebalance the new one. your directions should tell you how.

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3/24/13 10:36 P

Interesting! I have a WW scale that is glass and has all the features you mention, but I bought it about 5 years ago. I think it's pretty close to my doctor's scale. Except the last time I was there, my weight was up from the day before (home WW scale). I thought perhaps the fact I had eaten breakfast and had clothes on was the reason. Now you have me wondering.

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FARENC Posts: 159
3/24/13 10:08 P

Hey all,

Today I bought a Weight Watchers-sponsored scale that also measures body fat percentage, body fat weight, water percentage, bone mass and tells you your BMI. Great deal for $30, right??

I'm wondering now, though, how accurate it is. Last night I weighed on my old digital scale for the last time, and there's nothing wrong with this scale other than that I wanted something that measures body fat % too. The old scale measured me at 243.5 last night. This afternoon I stepped onto the new WW scale for the first time, and it told me 236.8. Barring having a terrible stomach flu (which I don't!), I can't see how I lost 6.7 pounds in about 18 hours. There's just no way. I've eaten and hydrated today, and it's not like I've gone to the bathroom 20 times.

For some reason, I'm wondering if WW scales do "vanity weighing" to make you feel just a little better about yourself when you buy their scale, i.e. "Wow, this scale says I'm 5ish pounds less than I thought! I love this scale!"

What are your thoughts?

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