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8/21/10 6:56 A

I really did not think there was away to do it. It usually is not that difficult actually. There are a lot of simular meals for both meal plans. I might have to move the lunch or dinner from one day to another, but the hardest thing about it really is calculating the calories and making sure we both stay in our own range. Thank you for your help though.

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8/20/10 3:20 P

Unfortunately there isn't a way to combine those as they are so different. You can try to match them up the best you can though by trying to change the meal on one of the accounts or using the substitution option. Otherwise, you may need to use the add a food button to get them to fully match up.

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you on that!

Coach Denise

8/20/10 9:39 A

Thank you so much. I figured that there had to be some way to do it! Now if you can tell me how to combine my husbands' meal plan of 1700-2050 calories with mine of 1300-1700 I will truly have it made in the shade. LOL

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8/20/10 9:25 A

Oh, I didn't know I could do this. Thanx, Denise.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,303
8/19/10 9:58 P

To add a recipe from to your nutrition tracker:

1. Find the recipe you want to add to your meal planner.
2. Below the nutritional information is a link that says "Add This Recipe to Meal Planner."
3. Click on the link that will open a small calendar. Select the date to which you'd like to add the food.
4. Select the serving size, the meal you'd like to add it to, and check the box if you'd like to save to your favorites for future use.
5. Click on "Add Food to Today" and the recipe will now show up in your tracker.

Once you add it to your tracker, the tracker will read it as though you ate it.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

8/19/10 5:38 P

I love the recipes I have tried so far, but, I do not know how to put them into the meal plan. Also, if the recipe is just the main dish do you still use the rest of the meal plan? i.e. the fruit, veggies, bread, and beverage?

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