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12/2/11 2:06 A

When I'm on my period I up my hot chocolate intake (using unsweetened cocoa.. more about that in my sweet tooth blog if interested). As for when I'm sick... I think about it in terms of getting myself as well as possible. When you're sick, you should be taking even BETTER care of yourself! Plus, if you're exercising even less, all the more reason to track calories and be aware of what you're eating.

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11/30/11 8:59 A

If I'm sick, I listen to my body and take care of myself. depends on the severity of the illness.

However, if it's TOM, I'll do my regular routine. Life doesn't stop for a woman when Aunty Flo comes a visiting. I've got stuff I need to do. I can't lie in bed waiting for my menstrual cycle to pass. wouldn't that be great ? ain't happening. gotta get moving.

Now, there are women who do have really painful menstrual cycles that can side line them. If you are one of those women, that's something you must discuss with your doctor. There are medications (or even birth control) that can help regulate your period so that they aren't so difficult.

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11/30/11 8:18 A

I know I always feel better after working out, regardless of period or sick, so I do it anyways.

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11/29/11 10:04 P

A few hours later ( a few seconds ago ) I made myself do zumba :) my little sisters joined in and we did it for 30+ minuets so much fun and addicting :D

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11/29/11 10:01 P

CHEETARA79 - LOL I found my zing i opened up people doing zumba on youtube and did like 30+ minuets of it! so addicting i never knew! Im so going to shell out some cash for zumba!

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11/29/11 7:46 P

How do you stay motivated to brush your teeth? To do laundry? Sometimes it doesn't matter whether or not you're motivated... you just have to do it. Stick in a Super Plus tampon and hit the gym!

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11/29/11 5:48 P

If I'm really sick, then usually I don't work out.

I love working out when I have my period! It helps alleviate my cramps and it puts me in a better mood. JUST DO IT!

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
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11/29/11 4:42 P

how do you guys stay motivated when your on your period or sick? im both and was only able to do 10 minutes of cardio :(

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