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2/6/13 2:16 P

I hope you are following your Dr advice not Spark Peoples....Follow your Dr dietry orders and not rely on SP to help with health problems!

2/6/13 12:47 P

have see doc again will get new results soon and we'll work from there. Thank you

2/6/13 12:46 P

Having more tests. Awaiting results. Next step may be endo dr. thank you for your advice and response

2/6/13 12:39 P

thank you for your response and advice. The Doc is running more tests so he and I are on it.

NOLAZYBUTT110 Posts: 1,437
1/29/13 5:27 P

Have your Dr check your adrenaline levels. Many times Drs dont check those levels when they check the thyroid! Many times when one is affected, the other may end up being affected .... eventually diabetes can end up being the cause! The thyroids may go dead, and the other glands may go out of sync, and the adrenaline surges can be mistaken for HOTFLASHES!

Also losing so much weight and so fast can also mean a tumor is on the adrenaline glands! I would get that checked out! Usually a sonogram or a MRI or Xray may rule that out. Have you had any back pain? Unusual Bleeding? Tell your Dr everything! Anything can explain loss of weight. It can even mean your eating less than your body is able to process or use and is just flushing it out becasue of a gland going amok!

If you have no appetite I would suspect something is wrong! Esp if your diabetic! I would ask for a second opinion about it all. Go to an endocrinologist and if that does not shed some light I would get more test taken. In my opinion it could be a sign of several things. You no longer have a thyroid problem but an adreanline problem? Or it could be a sign of cancer. But I am no Dr but thats a few things that can explain a sudden loss of appetite or loss of such weight! I hope its neither, but would get these things checked out! Because many times people who have cancer; due to a tumor on the adrenaline glands can lose weight... extremely! Or it could be Marsa... casued bya virus where your flessh is being devoured! Inside! I have seen such. Or a fungus infection where this kind of parasite can cause the skin and body tissues to just melt away.

Drs need to make a lot of test before such can be understood. Dont panic, but make sure you tell your Dr about this sudden weight loss for no aparent reasoning! Because it can be anything from a skin infection to a virus to cancer! Make sure you talk to your Dr so he can eliminate your fears! I hope its nothing but a lack of appetite from stress! Stress can cause a host of health issues even weight loss and loss of appetite! Hope your okay and its just worrying! susana

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1/29/13 2:28 P

Unexplained weight loss (losing weight without trying to) and loss of appetite is not normal in any case...please talk to your doctor about this, it could be something as simple as stress. Do Not try to self diagnosis, go to a Doctor.

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1/29/13 11:56 A


Did your doctor seem concerned about your weight loss ? If not, maybe it's time to ask for a second opinion.

Why don't you have an appetite ? Have you been under any unusual stress ? Do you suffer from depression ? Worry and anxiety can effect a person's appetite. So, if you've had issues with finances, work, family or relationship, that would be a reason you're not eating. I know that when I'm under stress, I can't eat. It feels like their is a knot in my stomach.

Of course, your menopause might be effecting your appetite too. Do you have an OB/GYN ? If your PCP is a generalist, maybe it's time to ask for a referral to a specialist.

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1/29/13 8:46 A


With your history of diabetes, it is outside the scope of advice for our members or experts to begin to speculate as to your unexplained weight loss. I am not too sure why you are eating less than 1200 calories a day (the standard for women), however, getting a referral to a Registered Dietitian may be something you will want to consider.

While our members have good intentions, just know that SparkPeople is not a substitute for the advice you should be receiving from your healthcare provider who knows you and your medical history.

Take Care!

Coach Nancy

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,147
1/29/13 5:36 A

The only thing that I feel I can comment on is that you have a number of chronic conditions going on. Some people tend to suffer from Depression when that is the case, and with some people suffering with this, their appetite can diminish considerably. Also, some medications cause loss of appetite. Below is a link that might help you, altho' it is in reference to Anti-Depressants, it can apply to others, too:

You have obviously spoken with your Dr - do you think that it might help by asking for a referral to someone - perhaps an Endocrinologist? Also, if you haven't already, asking for a referral to a Dietician would be very helpful - especially considering the Diabetes.

It isn't uncommon that when people don't eat well, they can lose their appetite, which compounds the problem - it can be a vicious circle. Are you able to mindlessly nibble on some things which are higher calorie but not overly filling? Are you able to have something like Ensure? It is a 'meal replacement' drink? Talk with your Dr or Pharmacist about it and if it is o.k. try some while you are waiting to see a Dietician.


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1/29/13 12:03 A

I'm in trouble. I can't eat I have no appitite. I've lost 25-30 lbs in 3 months. I'm diabetic & on the spark plan for that. I barely get 1,000 cals down per day. Having post menopause x 10yrs hot flashes and night sweats. Went to Dr. ckd thyroid it is fine. Have to go again I'll be requesting he ck my ovaries. I am not sleeping well and have very heavy fatigue.

Does any one have any ideas? What is wrong with my body?

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