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1/26/13 8:03 A

cool. I added one I found on here, and it brings me to 1322 calories for the day! Well within my range.I can still have about 250 calories for snacks if I desire to. woo hoo!

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1/26/13 7:55 A

I don't eat out too often but I would say just try to get as close as you can. I usually wind up guestimating when I go to my mom's or inlaws for dinner. Luckily they both eat really healthy and I'm pretty good with figuring out my portion sizes now with plenty of practice. ;)

When I do eat out, I always take home a doggy bag. They give you way, way too much food.

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1/26/13 7:46 A

WOW thanks everyone. I just had some oatmeal with 2% milk for breakfast. I also added in what I am making for dinner tonight. However, I will be eating out for lunch, and what I am having isn't on spark people and can't find any nutrition info on it. Should I enter a generic one? It's going to be a pasta salad possibly with some tuna and creamy italian dressing. Thanks

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1/26/13 7:42 A

The bare minimum calories a woman should eat is 1200 cals and I would say that's for a petite woman who leads a sedentary life (little to no exercise). It's essential to meet this amount to ensure you are getting enough of your macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Over a prolonged period of time, your body will adjust to a low calorie intake and you will either plateau or weight loss will not be as expected (you will not lose as much weight as you should based on your calorie deficit). Your body thinks this intake is *normal* and your BMR will adjust accordingly (lower, or a slowed metabolism).

I would recommend you slowly up your calorie intake and try to stay within your spark range. You can do this by adding a little extra calories to each meal. Like some extra almonds on your salad or some peanut butter in your oatmeal.

There IS calorie cycling, you could try. I just started using it and love it. You have high calorie days, low calorie days and medium days but it equals the same calorie deficit at the end of the week had you eaten the same amount of calories every day. You can use this calculator to figure out a plan, just use the calculator to figure out your Daily Calorie Needs and then it will give you the option of a choosing a Calorie Cycling plan (zig zag diet):

In theory, it's suppose to trick your body into not getting used to a lower calorie intake and keep your BMR from dropping. There isn't many studies out on it but those who use it, rave about it. Including bodybuilders/fitness models. Personally, I'd do it regardless because it's just takes the monotony out of eating the same amount of calories every day. I plan on using it while I'm maintaining my weight as well.

Just remember, eating *less* isn't necessarly *better* when it comes to weight loss. Prolonged periods of eating too little or creating too large of a calorie deficit can actually harm weight loss. I personally cycle around the middle of my range 1400 cals and I'm 5'2 and 116 lbs. 2 days a week I eat 1650 cals and 1550 cals, 3 days of 1400 cals, 1 day 1250 and 1 day 1100.

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1/26/13 7:28 A


Yes, you should be eating more. In addition to making weight loss more difficult if you consistently eat under your recommended calorie range, it's also very difficult to get all of the nutrients your body needs on less than 1200 calories per day. And that's not good for your health. Here's an article with tips on how to boost your calories up into your recommended range:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/26/13 7:23 A

Hi All

There are days when I don't eat enough it seems. It says I should eat 1200-1550 per day. Some days I am under that. Ex; Yesterday I only ate about 827 calories. Is this a good thing? Should I be eating more? I did do a workout yesterday and burned about 65 calories. Any advice? Suggestions? Looking to lose about 10lbs by July.

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