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11/30/11 1:01 A

thank you so much....gonna do my best.. :)

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11/29/11 3:11 P

Taking a rest day won't hurt you.

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11/29/11 9:44 A

Hi, AUNTBEFF ! Perhaps you're trying to do too much too soon. Like Coach Nancy said, start out slowly even if it means you're only exercising for 5-10 minutes. If walking for 30 minutes seems like too much, then break the walks up into shorter segments. Walking for 10 minutes three times a day still add up to a 30 minute walk. but once again, if all you can do is 10 minutes, that's okay. that's where you start. Your strength and endurance will increase with time and regular practice.

Now, do you feel pain when walking ? Are you wearing good walking shoes ? Don't wear old shoes. If you're going to walk, you really should have good shoes that support your feet. Wearing old shoes can cause a person pains. So, do try to get fitted for a good pair of walking shoes if you're going to walk.

Also, if you find it difficult to stand for long periods of time, how about doing exercises while sitting in a chair ? If you go to youtube and do a search on chair aerobics or chair exercises, you'll find some short workouts you can do with your upper body while sitting in a chair. that might be a good activity for you to do.

Mostly, you do the best you can. If you can walk for 10 minutes without any pain, that's how long you walk. There are members who lost 100+ pounds just by walking and watching what they ate. some of those members could only walk to their mailbox and back. that's where they started. You should read INDYGURLs blog in the Daily Spark. I think you'll find her story inspiring.

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11/29/11 8:32 A


You can do this. I remember when I started my own journey almost 7 years ago when everything from my feet to my knees to my hips and back would ache. I vowed that I was never giving up to reclaim my health and my life even if it took me a lifetime to do so.

I could only physically manage 10 minutes on the elliptical before my body began to rebel, but I did that 10 minutes 2-3 times a was not easy and I must say giving up would have been easier than to push through, but I had to do health and more importantly my life depended on it.

Remember you don't have to have a perfect diet, exercise program to live and exceptional life. You just have to keep working on moving in the direction you are meant to be heading. And the great thing with SparkPeople, you never have to go it alone.

I wish you well! You can do this!

Coach Nancy

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11/29/11 4:47 A

Sorry you are in pain. Do not give up. Pause and reflect. Are you pushing yourself too hard? Are you taking rest days? What's the deal? I have lost over 40 lbs. When I began my fitness JOURNEY my feet, back, and mostly my shins hurt ALL THE TIME. Get some Epsom salts, relax in the tub. Working out is not easy, if it were easy we wouldn't all be on Spark. No easy thing is worth anything, this all about the journey. The good days, the bad days, the days when you don't hurt and the days when you do. Here is the thing......the journey is worth it!!!!!! Do not give up!!!! It will get better with time. If you are doing some kind of exercise that chronically hurts all the time, you need to find out why. Try different shoes, or a different exercise routine all together. Aches and pains will happen, just please don't give up on yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

ANTBEFF SparkPoints: (166)
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11/29/11 3:31 A

Really not sure where to start.....I feel like I am done....I start out ok and then there I go legs hurt my feet hurt..and how can you move feeling like that. Feeling flat out hopeless tonight...!

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