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7/23/14 11:02 A

Great way to add protein and not as much fattiness taste to the tuna if I must say.

I'm not a fan of tuna with mayo...I usually use greek yogurt, a little bit of spicy mustard or about 1 tblspn of cream cheese with herbs.

BLUMENWESTE SparkPoints: (599)
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7/17/14 12:05 P

In tuna salad I change the mayo against greek yogurt mixed with dijon mustard (you can also try the yellow one, but I donĀ“t like that one in the yogurt!) and one hardboiled egg. I also use cream cheese mixed with dijon mustard on sandwiches instead of mayo sometimes. (One cup yogurt/cream cheese plus one tbsp d-mustard).
Not always, sometimes it must be the real thing. The reduced-fat-versions are not an option for me, because I try to eat "as clean as possible".

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7/14/14 2:08 P

Me too. I just finished mine.

KATHARINA01 SparkPoints: (19,300)
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7/14/14 8:31 A

That's what I had for lunch today. Tuna salad made with yoghurt instead of mayo. Tastes pretty good and saves a whole bunch of calories and fat.

MOMMA7 Posts: 31
7/8/14 7:26 P

I mix 1 can tuna, 1 Tbls Miracle Whip, 1 Tbls Greek yogurt, 2 Tbls hummus, chopped onion and celery. On toast or crackers, stuffing for celery or dip for carrots.

TJONESY6 Posts: 9
6/25/14 11:14 A

what spices did you add to your tuna and greek yogurt or did you just mix it plain? thanks!!

RENLLY SparkPoints: (37,296)
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6/20/14 5:08 P

I love using greek yogurt in tuna salad and chicken salad.

REGINAROLLINS SparkPoints: (66,618)
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6/19/14 11:19 A

Haven't tried greek yogart, but I always make my tunasalad with plain yogart .It is so much better than mayo. I thought it would be gross,but it is fantastic.

MAGMATTIN SparkPoints: (84,962)
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6/15/14 7:18 P

I am going to try this. I like both of them, but didn't think about them together. I really liked the fruit salad using Greek yogurt. So will put this on my menu for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

UKNOWITNOW SparkPoints: (64,539)
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6/13/14 3:44 P

Glad to be of help. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. emoticon

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (78,108)
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6/13/14 12:01 A

That's funny. I was just wondering if that would work, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. I will try it now. Not much of a mayo fan anyway. Thanks.

UKNOWITNOW SparkPoints: (64,539)
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6/10/14 1:14 P

Just ate tuna salad using yogurt instead of mayo. It really tasted very good. Didn't miss the mayo at all. emoticon

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