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tummy tuck ???

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4/8/13 10:12 A

When I reach my goal weight and if things are hanging that shouldn't, I will most surely be investigating that - but for now, I have a long ways to go......

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4/8/13 10:10 A

I got mine tummy tuck free in denmark, because the health system looks at excess skin as a very serious problem efter weight loss. I had skin removal because my skin folds got infected and in some places dangerously close to gangrene..
I managed to get away with just skin removal, because I burnt off my body fat very effectively.. Healthy and lean food plus weight training saved me alot of pain. Excess skin sits better over well trained muscles..
I don't get steered at the gym because of it, but alot of guys stop and watch what I can do with my body.. Even my 18 year old isn't shy to join me at the gym anymore..

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4/8/13 6:41 A

After I originally lost my 120lbs, I went an had consultations about it, tried to find out if insurance would cover and such. BCBSNC does but has certain stipulations. I have 16lbs of skin on thighs and stomach combined (I was 27lbs away from 135lb goal). But it was going to cost a total of $13,500 for everything. Kind of depressed me, so maybe someday..

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4/8/13 6:09 A

I've then some good results but that wiggly scar is ugly. I know it is near the bikini line but that would prevent me from having it. Plus, abdominal surgery is painful.

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4/8/13 1:58 A

I've had years to think long and hard about any cosmetic procedures I would need after losing weight. In the beginning I was on the fence about it. All I really cared about was ridding my poor body of the excess 150+ lbs I was carrying around. My main concern/goal was becoming healthy so I could live a long and happy life. I'd be lying if I said vanity was never a concern of mine, but it wasn't my main focus once I began my weight loss journey. The thought of having all of these risky procedures performed and going through such long recovery periods and thinking of all of the potential complications that could arise turned me off from them. And for a while I was just riding such a high from losing weight for 2 years, that all I could really focus on was feeling proud and accomplished and appreciative of finally becoming a healthy person in a normal weight range.

However I did notice that loose skin was becoming a major issue. And that issue really began to rear it's ugly head the more weight I dropped. I didn't realize that I would still be so unhappy with my body and dare I say miserable at times all because of the loose skin. I'm a little ashamed of the fact that I'm letting something as trivial as my physical appearance overshadow my accomplishments and what I worked so hard for. I try to look at my jiggly saggy parts and stretch marks as a badge of honor from what I've been through, but I can't help but feel ugly because of them. I'm human and I can't help but wish I could have a flatter stomach, and legs that weren't lumpy and didn't have droopy boobs. I get so depressed at times and no matter how many positive affirmations I repeat in my mind, I still cannot change that I genuinely do not like what I see in the mirror (sans clothing)

Bottom line is, cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. If you can love and appreciate the body you have despite your flaws, then that's amazing and I truly admire those who can. If you're someone like me who feels discouraged and unattractive on a nearly daily basis and feels like surgery might improve some of those feelings, then that's ok too. I don't have medical insurance and I certainly don't have the money to pay out of pocket for any of these procedures I'd be needing, but if I can ever find a way to have them done, dammit I will.

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4/7/13 11:49 P

I was "thinking" of it myself serious at the end of my weight loss, but if they remove it from this area... oh, what about that area too? LOL

I have talked to a professional surgeon who did those on a regular basis he told me that
legally they could only take off only 5lbs of the fat and skin to do the tummy tuck, if you are to do it make sure you are at 5lbs within goal.. he also said that the stomach was a 90% nutritional to get it flat, 10% whole body exercise.

It is a major surgery and not just something that someone can jump back into things, it will take a while as well to get back to normal activities because they are digging into muscles and fat and stretching it.. its not as nice or as easy as people think it is.

Would I get it done? Sure, I would think about it highly but also insurance doesn't cover it.. its completly out of pocket expenses.. so most likely I will have to live with it. LOL I am not in my 20s any more

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4/7/13 9:47 A

I am having one done at the end of my loss.
Two kids, 11 pounder and 9 pounder and 20 years later of excess weight,
not even an option - requirement unless I want to drag this prolapse belly
the rest of my life.

Posts: 7,215
4/7/13 8:30 A

I wouldn't recommend the surgery--I don't like the risks.

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4/7/13 8:25 A

I agree with OBIESMOM2 -- you have to find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

How long has this weight been gone as I would say only go for it if you have kept the weight off for 1 year so that you have had one solid year of maintenance. You know what they say, easy to loose weight but harder to keep it off.

Good luck

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4/3/13 4:28 P

I have considered that. But after gaining the weight back that I lost, I am glad that I didn't. For now... I am not too concerned about it. It's a part of life and It doesn't bother me. But I always dream of a mommy-makeover :)

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4/3/13 4:00 P

if you are really serious about this, look for a BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgeon, and ask for references. Ask those patients about their experience, and try to meet them in person to actually SEE the results.

too many docs are offering cosmetic/plastic surgery and they have little or no training. A friend of mine is planning on a tummy tuck this summer - done by her OB/GYN. Because 'he did just fine with the C-sections'. Okay. Um. Nope. I wouldn't do it!

I do have a friend who had a tummy tuck done when she went in for a breast reduction. AWESOME results! Looks really great, natural. No complications.

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4/3/13 2:12 P

I would do it if i had exess skin hanging from weightloss or a having a baby.

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4/3/13 1:21 P

Never had one...i know it depends on a number of things but at 26 i wonder if youre young enough and have enough elasticity that your skin may bounce back on its own? Im not an expert on the issue but I have seen it discussed on here before. Have you discussed it with a professional?

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4/3/13 12:23 P

yes I had one done about 5 years ago

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4/3/13 12:22 P


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4/3/13 10:40 A

Just wondering if anyone has had any type of tummy operations to get rid of lose skin or tighten ect.

I am considering having it sliced off/ or a part of it atleast due to it being really lose and empty and full of stretch marks.. Im 26 male and have quite bulging ab muscles due to extreme exercises regime.. Just all hidden by this skin...

Any advice be muchly appreicated.



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