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7/27/14 5:15 A

Good luck! I hope your appointment went well and that everything works out for you along your journey!

5/22/14 9:40 P

Thank you

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5/22/14 9:33 P

As far as I know, it can be an issue. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she says. My cousin was advised to lose weight to help her conceive. Once she lost the weight, she conceived.

Good Luck!

5/12/14 5:00 P

Hi everyone. me and my husband are trying to concieve, i heard that weight is and isn't the problem, not sure what to think. i currently weigh 250. i asked one of my friends how much did she weigh when she got pregnant and she said 264. she told me her dr said its not the weight its how you have sex.
right i m not even sure if im ovulating since i found out i had a cyst on my right ovary in march and i am still bleeding to this day not sure whats going on but i have a ob-gyn appt may if anyone has any tips or any advice please let me know.
thank you

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