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4/27/13 4:30 P

thank you ladies yes i am well over weight i was 280 lbs when i began my journey so i honestly expected to drop the first 40 to 50 rather quickly. i went from eating anything and everything i wanted while sitting on my lazy behind to watching what i eat and being active every day! it helps to hear again what i already know i didnt put the weight on over night so its not going to come off over night either i guess i just needed to have some one else remind me. when i do graze i make healthy choices a small hand full of nuts, a peice of fruit a few carrots with hummus i am an emotional eater and that surely doesnt help things i try and step back and question myself are you truely hungry? and drink a glass of water or chew a peice of sugar free gum to see but i am human and slip up thank you againf or taking the time to respond to me

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4/27/13 6:33 A

Fifteen months for me to lose 50 pounds, and I'm just working at evening it out, now.
Slow and sure, and I've learned lots along the way about myself and my menu, and what foods I like, and what ones I can do without.

I've also learned to keep an eye on the tracker to ensure I get a good balance of vegetables, proteins, fats, in order to nourish my body appropriately. The veggies, fruits and other good, whole items provide the carbs, and I don't get overly concerned about those (like I don't go have a chunk of bread just to 'up' my carbs for the day).

Personally, although at first I wanted it to come off fast; this has been best, because I can adjust things (and myself) to eating well, rather than trying to do everything at once.

Best wishes in making this a healthy journey, and not just a sprint to the finish line (wherever that may be).

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4/27/13 4:55 A

Well, I don't see that you have an issue with the amount of weight you have lost. In fact, it is a very HEALTHY loss. It is generally recommended that we aim for around that number, and it is in fact heaps faster than my loss was, and many others members. It took me 16 months to lose 50lb ....... A MUCH slower weight, but guess what??? I have reached my goal and been there over 2 years. If it hadn't been for the small losses I wouldn't have gotten there!

The other thing is that 25lb in 2 months is in fact rather fast, and unless you were very heavy to start with, may have been bordering too fast. It is very common when a person starts to lose weight that the initial loss is quite quick, but then it slows right down. It sounds like this is where you are. It doesn't mean that you are doing anything wrong.

You mention that you have found yourself grazing. It might be that you haven't been eating enough during the day, including quality protein and slow-burning carbs like whole-grains.

I found that by paying attention to WHAT I ate and when did make a big difference to my remaining comfortable during the day and evening. I do have regular snacks, but the most important thing for me was what I ate for breakfast. If I have whole-grain toast, with a spread, fruit, yoghurt and a cuppa, I am full for a couple hours and then need to eat again, BUT if I start the day with Rolled Oats (with 1/2 cup Soy Milk) and with wheat bran added, 1/2 banana and a cuppa, I can often last until lunch time, even tho' I have eaten less calories for breakfast.

Good luck,

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4/27/13 1:37 A

i am struggling only lost 2 lbs this week i know any loss is good even staying the same is better then gaining i just find it hard after dropping 25 lbs in 2 months but i think i know my issue and am going to try something new i want to try eating every 2 hours starting no later than 30 mins before waking and stoping no later than 4 hours before bed i find myself grazing often i also am going to eat my highest calorie meal at lunch time lets see if it makes a difference any of you have any low calorie sujjestions?

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