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CHIQUENS Posts: 198
3/15/11 10:24 A

I had both my kids in Karate and AYSO Soccer. Being part of a team also adds in extra friends, which is usually helpful as well.

You probably should take the time to sit down and talk to the teachers as well. Especially in larger classes, there might be some other interpersonal issues between some of the kids that the teacher isn't seeing. When she steps in, he might think she's picking on him and be trying to fight back.

LARIESHA Posts: 3,179
3/14/11 12:50 P

I had the same issues with my son in Kindergarten. He was bored, is what the problem was. He was too smart for the class he was in, once he finished his classwork he would entertain himself, by messing around with the other kids, whether it was hitting them, taking their things or whatever. Once they moved him (skipped a grade to better fit his needs), he was fine. He is going into High School this coming school year and no trouble since. Have your son tested academically to see where he is. The class may not be a big enough challenge for all his energy. Good luck! Moving my son was the best thing.

LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
3/3/11 12:30 P

I like the karate idea! I would also try to talk to him about school. My son was bullied around that same age because he was so laid back he just took it. But everyone has a breaking point. Not that he is being bullied, but not that he's not. Good luck to you and your son.

MGNWD22 SparkPoints: (3,657)
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Posts: 38
3/3/11 7:05 A

Thank you all for your suggestions keep em coming please!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/2/11 9:45 P

maybe u should put him into a karate class, it will teach him discipline and he can get his frustrations out in a healthy way

JBGOAL120 Posts: 51
3/2/11 6:51 P

I had alot of trouble with my son at that age. He would literally melt-down at the smallest of things at school. Of course, his kindergarten teacher started in with the Ritalin talk 2 weeks into the school year, but I refused. He is now 10 and doing just fine, although he is on Focalin now (which helps him focus). I sat down with each teacher in the beginning of the year and made a plan for how to deal with his melt-downs, and how to avoid them. The key is to talk to his teachers/administrators/counselors and come up with a plan that all of you can be happy with.

MGNWD22 SparkPoints: (3,657)
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Posts: 38
3/2/11 10:00 A

My 6 yr old son just got in trouble again at school for the 3rd time. This time he hit his teachers arm. He gets frustrated when he gets in trouble at school and gets mad. I don't know where the anger is coming from. He get attention at home and school he is smart and loved and a well rounded kid. He has friends and plays well with others and other time. I'm just lost on what is going on and what I should do.
Any ideas????

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