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9/11/12 11:53 P

Thanks! I am keeping going! I am determined and very thankful for spark pages. Before one of my downfalls was not being able to keep up with having time and remembering to log what I ate and exercise etc... With it on my smartphone and on computer syncing together it makes a huge difference!

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9/11/12 11:32 P

That is a bummer, but 3lbs is awesome!
Keep going!

K8EBELL Posts: 22
9/11/12 11:25 P

So after my 5th day here on spark dieting and exercising away I stepped on the scale to see if there was a difference yet... It said I lost 14 pounds!!! In 5 days! I blinked got off of it and did it again. My logical self saying you know that is too good to be true. Maybe your still half asleep and did not read it right. You know they say 2.5 is the most you can loose per week. Tried it again it still said the same. Tried it later - still the same. Was amazed and excited. Then a day later my husband told me it needed new batteries. So I tried it again, now it says I lost 3 pounds. Still great progress but that was a mean little trick that scale pulled on me and it's not even Halloween or April fools.

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