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6/12/13 7:40 A

In addition to interval training and strength training, you can also do Yoga and Pilates (you can find some free videos online or join a class). These are great exercises for flexibility.

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6/12/13 7:26 A

I do jump rope intervals (cuts my cardio workout in half) and more effective. I also do metabolic resistance training 2x a week and circuit training 3x a week. I do a lot of nature hiking with my husband and kids but it doesn't really get my heart rate up so I count it as *extra* activity unless the duration is long (over an hour or two).

I could never robotically walk/jog/run/row etc. on a gym machine. I had an elliptical when I lost weight after my first pregnancy and it caused me to throw in the towel on exercise at my first opportunity.

Your body will also adjust to steady state cardio over time and cause you to burn less calories.

Cardio is necessary and I enjoy it if it's not monotonous but strength training is where it's at, imo. Cardio helped me shed the pounds, strength training gave me a sculpted body, will help me keep the weight off, greatly altered my body fat % and keeps me strong.

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JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
6/11/13 8:52 P

You can try to change something every minute or two. One minute change tithe doped, the next change the incline, the next change to speed again. The constant variety and switching will keep you less bored.

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6/10/13 2:37 P

thanks everyone for the new information. I will start tomorrow with interval and different machines and I will be implementing resistance training next week. You all are awesome and I am super excited! emoticon

RNORMAN75 Posts: 283
6/10/13 2:10 P

That's a pretty steep incline and a very slow walk. What about switching it up? Lower the incline and work on speed??

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6/10/13 1:46 P

I just bought (last night, waiting for it to ship) a non-electric recumbent exercise bike for those days when I want to do cardio but just cannot give up my favorite TV shows (and next on the list is finding some favorite TV shows; just finished my Bachelors degree so am searching for something to do with all my newfound "me" time). Yesterday, I went to visit some friends I hadn't seen in a while and they had one; with the resistance set high enough, she plops it in front of the TV and pedals away while zoning out to the boob tube. It's quiet enough that her newborn can be sleeping in the same room when she's going to town. I tried it, and with something mind-numbing on the screen, it would barely be like exercising until you get up and need a shower. According to her and her HRM, if she sets the resistance about midway, after an hour-long show, she's burned between 300 and 500 calories depending on how fast she goes, and is all set for a shower without missing anything in her day. I'm looking forward to pedaling away with a good book.

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6/10/13 1:45 P

I have always felt that way. Gym equipment in general is boring to me. I joined the YMCA and started doing the instructor-led classes. They design it, mix it up, and tell me what to do and when. All I have to do is whatever they say. I push myself so much harder when they are there so I'm hardly ever bored, just sweaty!

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6/10/13 1:21 P

I totally agree with the major on this one. Yeah cardio workouts show a large calorie burn on your HRM but if you want the weight to come off then you need to be doing strength training. Cardio is important but it shouldn't be your main source of exercise. Try circuit'll get your heart rate up and strength training all at once! HIIT is where it's at....

6/10/13 12:15 P

According the the current research long steady sate cardio is the least effective form of exercise for fat loss and in fact may elicit the hormone cortisol which is a fat retaining hormone. To get the greatest benefit from the exercise you are doing add some strength work to your programme in lieu of all the cardio

My suggestion for reducing the boredom aspect is to get off the treadmill and find alternatives or exchange steady state treadmill workouts for interval workouts.

Cardio is not the answer it is only one part of the equation for fat loss, the most important element is nutrition (diet) followed by strength training then cardio.

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6/10/13 11:41 A

Ditto with Zorbs on intervals, though I'll do those on any piece of equipment - elliptical, rower, bike, stair machine etc. It might be worth picking up the pace a bit as well. Or keeping the speed constant and increasing the slope every 30 seconds or so.

Also cardio is only one part of the equation. Adding in strength training might be a good idea.

VELVETTEARS1313 SparkPoints: (1,755)
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6/10/13 11:31 A

Youre amazing for your weight loss and have inspired me. Thanks

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,329)
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6/10/13 11:18 A

I do intervals on the treadmill and I work hard enough to not be bored.

6/10/13 11:07 A

I used my treadmill almost exclusively for exercise for the first year of my weight loss, and I lost about 100 pounds (with calorie restriction as well, of course.) But it is boring, even if I rotate the songs on my ipod. I've started walking in my neighborhood instead in the morning. It's great at this time of year -- flowers are blooming, the air is cool in the morning and no one is really awake yet, and I'm loving it. The tough part is getting up early enough to give myself enough time to walk. When winter comes I'll have to do something else, but I understand what you're saying, the treadmill can get boring.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,386)
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6/10/13 11:02 A

Do you have access to a pool? Great workout there if you hate to sweat!!

VELVETTEARS1313 SparkPoints: (1,755)
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6/10/13 10:55 A

I hate working out and sweating but I have learned this is the only true way to lose the weight and become healthy again. My equipment of choice is the treadmill. I walk for an hour 6x a week at an incline of 6.5 and at 2.3. I am bored. I have tried the elliptical machine but it kills me and I am wanting to attack that beast again. Does anyone have a rotation for cardio that works for them? Any new ideas will be much appreciated. Thanks and have a wonderful day! emoticon

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