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PBS NOVA TV did a show a couple of years ago about training people to run the Boston Marathon. The doctors from Tufts University found that after five months of training, when the group ran a Half Marathon that they got 90% of the health benefit, compared to when they went on at 9 months and ran the full Marathon. That gain of 10% WASN'T worth the risk of injury that increases with more running. SO be glad that you are doing the 1/2 as it is a GREAT accomplishment. emoticon

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1/28/13 8:39 P

I am training to do a half marathon in March. This is not my first by a long shot, I just want to be in real good shape and finish with a great time. I am not fast my any means in fact quite slow. I hope to finish by 2:20-2:30. We will have to see. I have a real good workout plan.
I do spin class 6 times a week and run after that class try to run 3-4 miles then more miles on weekend.
I have also signed up for 3 other halfs. Then I am just going to do 5k's for a while.

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