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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,403
7/16/13 10:51 P

JGirl, I have to tell you that by the time you have bought or rented all that you need for a backyard wedding. Plus all the permits, parking, parking attendants, port o potties, and etc. It will be as expensive as a wedding in the grandest ballroom.

Besides that your baseball themed wedding sounds so cool. It would be so memorable to all the guests.

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7/15/13 1:48 A


JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/2/13 9:58 A

Ours is both traditional and non traditional

Traditional to the point where it will be a Lutheran wedding at my church and its beautiful..
I really, really wanted to get married in our new home outside (STILL may happen and we may still put it off until we do find a home.. not sure yet) But we just haven't found our home yet... that would be just my ideal dream wedding!!

We were planning less than 50 people.... but do you gals find yourself finding friends and family saying to you... "Ohhh we are soo delighted and we lovvvvvvve your fiance, see you at the wedding"

Yeah that.... and your thoughts were.. well, I never really invited you, but they are kinda close and important to you...but you don't mind them there if they came or not? Can't say no to those people, soo it kinda blew up to over 100pl..either way it will be fun.

We are having a sand ceremony instead of the unity candle

The reception is very NT... at a baseball stadium on their docks reception halls with a DJ and even a full blown game afterwards..served only cake and appetizers.. my fiance will be doing the first pitch..

IF we get our home in time, we will plan on it being a home wedding and reception in our garage home with a DJ.. and then we can afford a buffet and more food..

Honey moon will be a week long going down south and watching the fireworks at the 4th of July in New Orleans!

MISSMEGAN90 SparkPoints: (300)
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4/2/13 9:46 A

Ours is non traditional ceremony with some traditional things thrown into the reception. We are having I guess what you would call a destination wedding in Gatlinburg TN and then doing our honeymoon down there (no friends or family invited) and then coming home to celebrate with our family and that's where we will incorporate some of the traditional things like cutting the cake, first dance, etc. We may even be in our wedding clothes (which will not be the norm tux and big white gown) so that our parents can get their pictures. My FMIL is upset about not being able to attend so this way she gets a little taste of seeing her baby boy get married while we get the private wedding we want :)

2/16/13 7:35 P

Mine's a mix right now (it's still early days). We're having a church wedding with a two-part reception: Cake and punch in the church basement for everybody, then an evening function for close friends and family.

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2/15/13 9:37 P

I think ours will be a mix of traditional and non traditional elements, and it will lean toward being more secular.

AERWIN77 SparkPoints: (7,527)
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2/12/13 10:43 A

Non-traditional. We are getting married in our back yard, I'm wearing a blue wrap dress, he's wearing khakis and a blue dress/polo shirt. No wedding party, only our 2 year old daughter as the flower girl - who will be walking down the "aisle" carrying a sign that says "here comes the bride". About 30 people, pretty much all family.

Doing the ceremony (about 15 minutes) with a JP then a light lunch. His father and step-mom are cooking for us. I'm making cupcakes - no wedding cake for us. His step-father is a photographer, so he will do our photos. Just wanted a relaxed, family picnic type of feeling. That night he and I and whatever family is still around will hang out around a bonfire in the yard and just relax.

We are paying for everything ourselves and don't see a need for a big wedding. No honeymoon planned for now, thinking of maybe doing a Disney cruise down the line with our daughter.

POKAFLYZ SparkPoints: (1,838)
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1/6/13 9:10 P

Very non-traditional.

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1/5/13 12:09 A


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1/3/13 7:38 P


JBARSTOW Posts: 601
1/1/13 11:35 A

As a DJ and wedding professional, I'm loving the variety you all are bringing to your weddings. Over the years, I've worked with couples who have been ranged from ultra-traditional to (in one case), a wedding where the theme was the Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland (the groom was dressed as a pirate, and he and the groomsmen entered the ceremony to Slayer's "Raining Blood").

There are two keys to your best wedding. First, be true to yourselves. The days of a standard wedding formula are long gone. Have a big cake if you want, go another route if you prefer. Once couple I worked with, replaced the cake with Jell-O shots. Wear the long white gown and tuxes if that's your dream. I'm coordinating a wedding now, where the groom plans to bring scissors to cut the ties off anybody wearing one (I'll be wearing my least favorite, so he can start with me).

Second, work with professionals. Don't try to save a buck by doing an iPod wedding. Trust me, you'll be disappointed. And don't delegate your pictures to a relative with an iPhone. This is critical: remember, in 10 years, you'll have three things left from your wedding day. You'll have your rings, each other, and the memories frozen in those pictures. Do it right.

Congratulations and my very best wishes to each of you!

12/20/12 10:28 A

We're pretty nontraditional, I suppose. I'm probably not wearing white, although I haven't found my dress yet. We're definitely not doing a bouquet or garter toss. We're having pie instead of cake, and there won't be favors. I'm leaning towards skipping centerpieces all together. My uncle, a zen Buddhist carpenter, is doing the officiating in our ceremony. And we have bridesmen and groomsladies in our wedding parties.

At the end of the day, it's still a wedding and we're filling our guests with food and drinks, and there will be dancing. So it feels very "traditional," but from the outside I think it will look nontraditional. Whatever it is, it will definitely be very true to us!

JESSESGIRL88 SparkPoints: (237)
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12/19/12 9:37 A

Traditional wedding for us! Catholic ceremony, cocktail hour and big cultural meal! then dance! We have also thrown in some not so traditional features like a photo booth and a candy buffet! I cannot wait fo rthe big day!

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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12/11/12 2:08 P

We're traditional. Especially FI. He's traditional to the point that he's upset we're getting married in a modern church, rather than one with traditional architecture.

But it is going to be a very traditional Catholic ceremony. We're keeping things simple; it's not a big production. I'm doing the something old, etc. and we aren't seeing each other before the wedding. Our pictures will be toned down and we are going to avoid all those weird pictures you see on Pinterest, like of the bridesmaids with their dresses tucked into their underwear (really, who thought that was a good idea?). However, we probably won't have a formal dinner and our reception will probably be in a church basement. And we aren't doing a garter toss because my stepdad would consider it extremely disrespectful and it makes me really uncomfortable to watch when the groom has his head up the bride's dress.

C_NORTH82 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/11/12 10:40 A

I'm getting married in June - only six months away! Wow!

We're getting married in his parents' church and that's where the traditions end. We're not having a sit-down dinner, instead our immediate families are going for dinner and then all of our guests are invited to a party at a local community hall where we'll serve hors d'oeurves and a dessert buffet. My brother and cousins are DJing our 'sock hop' dance and we'll have an open bar. Generally, we're going for a relaxed and non-fussy vibe.

Admittedly, we had planned a sit-down dinner, but after our caterer cancelled on us last month, we decided to just forgo dinner altogether.

Congrats to all of you brides and grooms!

LADYBUG546 Posts: 1,433
12/10/12 2:11 P

Traditional Hindu wedding in India in February and Traditional Catholic wedding in May both of us want to keep our beliefs

10/30/12 9:54 P

A mix of the two! We're choosing the traditions that mean something to us, and leaving the rest out. I'm most excited about some of our reinterpretation of certain traditions. We're having wedding pie instead of wedding cake, and instead of a father/daughter or mother/son dance, we're inviting all 15 small cousins in attendance to come up and dance with us!

ENCINOJIM SparkPoints: (2,924)
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10/29/12 10:08 P

Non– traditional

BECCAWV SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/12 8:15 A

I am going to try to do a completely secular ceremony. Neither of us are religiously affiliated, so it wouldn't make sense to have religious references, especially since a wedding should be personal, and a lot of weddings I see are very similar because of the religious aspect.

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
9/19/12 11:33 P


JEN0817 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/13/12 10:23 P

Traditional - church ceremony, hors d'oeuvre hour, reception. 150 guests.

9/13/12 8:22 A

we are doing a surprise wedding...shhhhhh

SHAWNJONES69 SparkPoints: (77,570)
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9/13/12 7:53 A

We're having a small ceremony (about 30 people) and having a big honeymoon. The ceremony will be traditional but more informal. I have just 34 more days left!!!

9/12/12 10:19 A

I'm italian and so is my fiance....there's no avoiding a huge wedding haha. DJ, sit down dinner, cocktail hour, high centerpieces, and a million cousins

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
9/11/12 11:20 P

I love outdoor weddings.

9/11/12 8:17 A

i hear ya with the small wedding and big honeymoon.

LAURAHNTR6 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/10/12 10:24 P

Our theme: Small wedding, BIG honeymoon!

Less than 20 guests, 15 minute ceremony outside at a local park, 1st dance at the ceremony site, music provided by our iPod, sit down dinner at local restaurant, traditional cake, dress. Faux flowers designed by Mom. Our biggest splurge (besides the honeymoon) is the professional photographer. And the honeymoon will be in Amsterdam and Paris! Can.Not.Wait.

9/10/12 8:37 A

love those ideas. love how your family and friends are all contributing to bring their love and good mojo to your day!

KSCHRAUT SparkPoints: (0)
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9/9/12 10:24 A

We're doing an outdoor ceremony/reception at a statepark in Vermont, where I'm originally from and where all my family still resides.
Purples and blues for colors
We're not hiring a caterer - my aunt is cooking for us
We're not hiring a DJ - my aunt, his dad, and my best friend are going to perform live, and we'll have background music when they're taking a break
One of my highschool friends is making cupcakes for us - no traditional wedding cake
Our food is going to be buffet style.

Not a lot of traditional aspects for our wedding. I am wearing a white dress and he is wearing a black tux/suit, but otherwise it's basically being looked at as an outdoor party :-)

9/7/12 8:46 A

tell us about your theme

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