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SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,037
6/17/13 6:22 A

It is GREAT that you are using the tracker in this way:-) Unfortunately, there are a lot of members who use it to enter their food but that is about as far as it goes, and they end up complaining or wondering why they 'can't lose weight! Unfortunately they don't seem to get that it is one thing to USE the tracker, but you need to pay attention to what you have entered, analyze it and then tweak your diet so that it is healthy AND within range! A couple bottles of soda and some donuts or McDonald's don't do much good when we are trying to lose weight!

Keep up the good work!!!


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
6/16/13 11:25 P

tracking will help keep you on track. I found an app for my media player that really helps. I am on the go a lot so having that to take with me sure does help.

6/16/13 8:43 P

That is why tracking is the number 1 tool for successful weight loss.
Thanks for sharing.

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6/16/13 3:24 P

I am learning about tracking food. It is amazing to see how bad my choice of foods have been. I am learning to make better choices.....

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