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ELENGIL Posts: 957
4/22/13 1:30 P

Tracking my food is sort of like playing tetris, trying to ensure all the right size and right shaped pieces get on the board evenly without going over the top.

...that may well be one of the geekiest comparisons I've ever made, but I don't care! I really get a kick out of tracking my food.

I wish I enjoyed the exercise half as much. I might get more in if I did...

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/22/13 10:55 A

When you go to the food tracker, there is a link for "add food not listed" and you can add off the nutrition info.

NELLYARGY1 SparkPoints: (3,500)
Fitness Minutes: (833)
Posts: 12
4/22/13 4:41 A

Hello can anybody exmplain me how can I insert food manually in the food tracker?

HIKINGFIT Posts: 658
4/21/13 10:11 P

I've always had the best results when I take the time to track everything.

HOOKCHICK Posts: 143
4/21/13 8:29 P

Tracking is great, and fascinating! Since I've been back on Spark after splitting up with my husband I've found it's useful to make sure I eat ENOUGH calories, since I've pretty much lost my appetite.

CHERYLJEAN61 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,520)
Posts: 8
4/20/13 9:08 P

Tracking my food has shown me how easily I was in the habit of picking up a hand full of nuts, or tortilla chips now and then during my day and how quickly those calories add up! I'm enjoying seeing where I am with my daily calories and keeping within the peramiters by tracking what I am eating. I can already see why I wasn't losing the weight I thought I should be losing, even if I was eating fairly well, I was eating too many calories! Tracking is the way to go!

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